It’s Time for Something NEW!

It’s a wonder how time flies…It’s a new year; the year of 2019. As we begin this supposed year of New Beginnings, if New is what we actually seek, we must do things differently. The things we have procrastinated about or felt fearful of doing can no longer continue to be the “new normal” of professing our desires at the beginning of the year but holding on to our same way of life; especially if it doesn’t represent what we truly desire.

I am sure that each of us can admit to waiting for people or things to change before taking necessary steps to seek the life, the peace, the adventure, the career, or the love we hope and pray for.  We begin the New Year with great intentions and plans of all that we want. However, if we allow the same things that hindered us from pursuing things we resolute each New Year…there won’t be any change and another year will end with the same resolutions and promises made the prior year.  So ask yourself…actually, open your phone to notes or get a pen & paper and write down the answers to these questions…What have I put on hold in my life for others? What do I want to do that I have yet to do? What am I afraid of and why? When you identify the things that hold you back from the “New” you seek…you will most likely realize that it has been you who allowed people or habitual patterns to stop your progression. If you want real change what will you do differently that’s new in releasing fear or people who hold you back simply because your “New” intimidates, frightens, or breaks their control over your personal happiness and success.

Allow 2019 be the year to end bad relationships-the ones that only take and deplete you physically, emotionally, & mentally, learn to say no and not feel guiltily because your “NO” releases you from being taken advantage of or controlled, take spontaneous trips, release the fear of falling in love again because a relationship didn’t turn out as planned…be grateful for the experience-praise God that it’s over and open your heart to fall in love with “The Right One” this time, start the new business that you dream about daily, walk out on faith and make the over-due career change, go back to college if that’s what you want to do…stop saying I’m too old or it’s too late…it’s never to late and you can do it, commit to self care and be happy & healthy for & to yourself, stop caring about what people think(side note…some people simply enjoy judging or having an opinion about things regarding other people lives instead of dealing with their own. If their words don’t help-don’t listen) God Blessed you to see another year; therefore claim it as your Year and make the absolute best of 2019 because it’s time for something NEW!

Until The Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!