April Fool’s Day or April Blessing!

Today is April 1st! A new month and the day many excitedly celebrate April Fool’s Day by playing funny jokes on one another in order to get to laugh. As I think about this day of jokes and fun, I also think about the days where foolish decisions were made in love, material possessions, attention, ego and pride; and although unintentional and intentional jokes may occur throughout our journey that may hurt or harm, we […]

It’s Time for Something NEW!

It’s a wonder how time flies…It’s a new year; the year of 2019. As we begin this supposed year of New Beginnings, if New is what we actually seek, we must do things differently. The things we have procrastinated about or felt fearful of doing can no longer continue to be the “new normal” of professing our desires at the beginning of the year but holding on to our same way of life; especially if […]

Are You Dating Yet?

This month marks a full year that I have been legally divorced. A lot has changed in a year; I am happier & living in peace. But one of the things that has not changed is the question…”are you dating yet?” My family and dear friends ask me this question often. I embrace the question because when people love you, they want the best for you and wanting someone they love to have a good […]

From Lemons to Lemonade

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way we plan and along our journey we will be given lemons, in many cases extremely sour lemons. My divorce was a sour lemon moment but over time those lemons showed me they were necessary for spiritual, emotional, & mental growth. Lemons are going to exist but changing how I dealt with the lemons would be up to me.  Would I allow lemons of sadness, anger, or pity control […]