mdMonique Davis Dotson is a Christian, mother, yoga instructor, & motivator. Monique has a BA (Psychology) from the University of South Florida. She is a certified yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Girl Fitness. Monique is the founder of MBSW Foundation, an organization created to promote overall wellness. She is a compassionate communicator & conversationalist. She uses her God given gift of spiritual intellect, insight, and intuition to encourage others.  She is well known for her positive outlook on life and inspirational messages. Monique has a genuine connectivity with people and is contacted daily for advice, inspiration, or prayer.

Monique’s passion and greatest joy is giving words of encouragement to others but she would use those inspirational messages to encourage herself as her 22-year marriage ended in divorce. Monique’s family and friends have always known her to be a pillar of strength but there were many tears along the way.  Monique has always journaled her thoughts and the therapeutic attributes of pen and paper would be her saving grace, along with God and her children as she transitioned into the acceptance of her new life.

Her tears turned into her testimony and her testimony turned in to her triumph as her purpose of encouraging others was confirmed. Monique learned that life’s journeys are not always what we expect but they are definitely what we need to find our purpose and reach our highest good.  Monique faithfully believes that everything happens for a reason and therefore, Life-Love-Marriage-Divorce was created.