Monique what do you think?

Can I get this on Kindle rather than a hardcopy? 2. March 2021

Yes, you can! Have a wonderful day!

Oops, first love is the last love and you are not interested or afraid to love again? I have given it up to God……. 25. August 2020

Your first love isn’t necessarily your last love. It may be your fisrt experience with love as you continue to find or meet the one God has in store for you. You will learn more about who you are and what you want along your journey and you may realize that your first love was just that…simply your first. There is one soulmate and that perosn is the one who will be your last love. Love is a beautiful thing so never give up!

Opposites attract in our youth, do you think they also drift apart? 25. August 2020

Yes, I think it’s possible to drift apart at any stage of life. However, we usually drift apart from a person based on our own personal or spiritual growth. We may also drift apart depending on how we are treated in a relationship. If you are being disrepected, unappreciated or not being loved properly the heart will eventually drift away from the person causing the pain. It’s important to be communicative, truthful and authentic to self as well as to whomever you are attracted to…because knowing what or who is best for you will only save time & heartache in the end.

How does one ask for more from their partner without it’s sounding like criticism? I’m a man asking so your opinion as a woman will be applied and appreciated. Thanks Monique 25. August 2020

The best way to answer this question is to ask your partner is there anything she needs you to do in order to improve your relationship? My suggestion is to say that you want to be the best partner you can possibly be and you know that communcation is esseential in a successful relationship. You also know that effort, action and follow through must be applied and that’s why you want to know what you can do. She will then share her thoughts and ask if there is anything she can do better. You can then say… I love when you do…because it makes me feel heard in our relationship. When we kindly give a request without criticism it’s usually well recieved. Let me know if this advice was successful. Best of Luck!

Have you ever felt married…but single? 10. March 2016

I didn’t feel single while I was married but I did feel alone.

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