Monique what do you think?

Reading your blog this morning touched my heart extremely hard. I know this pain all so well about fighting alone. I just woke up today asking God to show me my next move on what to do with this lifeless marriage and I see your page. Do you think this was my answer from God? How long must a woman fight alone in her marriage? 10. March 2016

Thank you for visiting my blog and I am sorry to hear about the troubles in your marriage. I don’t know if my blog is your answer from God but it may be a sign to take self inventory of your current situation. Figure out if there is anyway you both can save the marriage. You may need couples therapy or try speaking to your pastor for direction. I encourage you to try all options and then make an honest assessment of the marriage and remember to always be true to yourself! Blessings & Love!

Monique, I don’t have a question. I just want to say that I admire you for finding your strength and speaking your truth. 10. March 2016

Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to read my blog. Blessings!

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