LLMD Episode 66-Special Guest, Greg Bingley shares How Being Set in Your Ways can ruin a Marriage. He continuously asked God to Fix His Ex…Only to find out that God was Going to Fix Him. His Faith, Counseling and Forgiveness would help Him overcome a painful Divorce. Greg’s words of Wisdom and His Experience will be a Blessing of Encouragement as we End 2020!

LLMD Episode 65-Flexologist and Holistic Professional, Cheryl Hosea sits at the Mic to Remind Us That…”Today is Tomorrow!” She Shares Why Walking Out On Faith to Find Her Passion Career was Worth It. Listen to Why Peace Of Mind, Passion, Gratitude, Fitness and Faith Is The Best Form Of Self Love.

LLMD Episode 62-Breast Cancer Can Happen To Men, Too! Special Guest Men For Men Founder, Pastor Michael Enette Shares His Breast Cancer Testimony and What It Means To Be a 16 Year Breast Cancer Survivor.

What happens when you are a 45 year old man who finds out that he has breast cancer? How do you deal with finding 2 lumps that would result in having a mastectomy? Pastor Michael Enette sits at the Mic to share his journey, his shame and being a 16 year breast cancer survivor.