LLMD Episode 38-A Conversation with my Oldest Daughter, Amani Dotson. Listen to Baylor Alumni and Current SHSU Graduate Student share her Perspective on having Divorced Parents, Mentorship, College, Sports and the Importance of Having a Plan.

A conversation with my oldest daughter Amani Dotson. Listen to Baylor Alumni and Current SHSU Graduate student share her perspective on having divorced parents, her college experience as a student athlete and how she became a mentor to a darling six year old; who enhanced her life for the better. You will be amazed by this remarkable young lady.

LLMD Episode 37- Happy Thanksgiving! Monique Davis Dotson shares a few Thanksgiving Tips that can possibly Help take the Stress Out of Your Family Gathering.

Thanksgiving can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety as you busily prepare for the arrival of family and friends. Thanksgiving can create sadness as you think about a loved one who is no longer present. Monique Davis Dotson shares some thanksgivings tips that can possibly turn your anxiousness into thankfulness. It is my prayer that your Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of fellowship, family, food and friends. LifeLoveMarriageDivorce Podcast will not air next Tuesday. We will […]

LLMD Episode 36-Part 2 of Special Guest, Andrea Rogers testimony about surviving Divorce, Depression, Discovering herself and Realizing that You can’t spend time in Unhealthy Environments and remain Healthy.

Special Guest, Andrea Rogers continues her testimony about surviving divorce, depression, and discovering herself. She explains how unconscious incompetence caused her to remain in an unhappy, unfaithful marriage until she decided incompetence was no longer acceptable. She would soon find out that her husband didn’t have one affair, he had several. She realized that remaining in an unhealthy environment would never allow her to become healthy. Listen to part 2 of her remarkable story.

LLMD Episode 35-How Do You Survive A Miscarriage and Your Husband’s Affair with his Co-Worker? Special Guest, Andrea Rogers shares her beautiful testimony of Faith and Finding Herself.

What happens when you discover that your husband is having an affair with his co-worker and you have to sit next to her at a work event? How do you over come a miscarriage after 3 successful pregnancies? How do you make it through depression and divorce? Listen to Special Guest Andrea Rogers, a devoted Christian, mother, Texas A&M Alumni and life coach share her beautiful story of survival and faith.

LLMD Episode 34-A Second Chance at Love, Part 2 with Special Guest Horace Smith and Monique Davis. How Does A Former NFL Athlete and Professional Sports Agent end up in Prison? How Does He Make it through some of His Darkest Days to find God and Reconnect with the Love of His Life? Listen to Horace’s amazing story about Love and Redemption.

LLMD Episode 34-A Second Chance at Love with Special Guest Horace Smith and Monique Davis. How does a former NFL athlete, professional sports agent and successful businessman have the life he always dreamed of, only to end up in prison? How did he make it through some of his darkest days to find God and reconnect with the love of his life? Listen to Horace’s amazing story about love and redemption.