LLMD Episode 20-The Joy of Finding Your Passion In Serving Others with Special Guest, Bruce Allen aka “The Goat Father”

Special Guest Bruce Allen has a genuine heart to serve, but it doesn’t avoid the pain of losing loved ones or becoming the caretake to your beloved mother who faces many health challenges. However, he has found a way to remain joyful and view life from a different & more appreciative perspective. Listen to Bruce’s story as a son, caretaker, Madison High School alumni, TCU football equipment manager, community servant, and his remarkably funny story […]

LLMD Episode 19-It’s Time to Live and Apply The Love You Give Others To Yourself By Checking Those To Do List Items Off Your List!

Sometimes we put our dreams and desires on hold for all the right or admirable reasons. However, many those dreams go unfilled. One thing we all know is that life is precious and short. I encourage you to start your self love journey and actively begin accomplishing the things on your to do list, today!

LLMD Episode 18-Part 2, With Special Guest Sharee Hargrove Wiley. What Do You Do When Your Spouse of 17 Years of Marriage Tells Your 12 and 9 Year Old Daughters that He is Gay?

How do you respond when your spouse tells you that he is gay after 17 years of marriage, and now reveals his truth to your 12 and 9 year old daughters? Sharee Hargrove Wiley shares how her daughters reacted to their father’s truth.  Continue to be amazed at Sharee’s strength, maturity, and compassion as she explains how they continued being a family during her LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey.

LLMD Episode 17-What Do You Do When Your Spouse of 17 Years of Marriage Tells You That He Is Gay? Special Guest, Sharee Hargrove Wiley Tells Us Exactly What She Did.

What do you do? What do you think? What do you Say? How do you react when your spouse tells you that he is gay after 17 years of marriage? Sharee Hargrove Wiley shares her story of compassion and understanding to the father of her 2 daughters, college sweetheart, and friend. Prepare to be amazed and inspired by her powerful LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey of truth and grace.

LLMD Episode 16-Finding Your Passion In Order To Establish Your Purpose with Special Guest, NFL Scout Alonzo Dotson

Alonzo Dotson earned a football scholarship and played for legendary University of Oklahoma head coach, Bob Stoops. Alonzo comes from a football/sports family, his grandfather and uncle played in The NFL.  Alonzo plans were to continue the Dotson NFL legacy as a player but he didn’t make the final cut. Although his NFL dreams didn’t turn out as planned, the Dotson NFL legacy would continue in an even greater way. Alonzo’s passion for the game […]