LLMD Episode 13-May is Military Appreciation Month. Special Guest Navy Veteran, Jim LeRoux shares his experience on being a husband, father, professional soccer player, and veteran. Listen to how he grew up in Oklahoma, as well as being a proud alumni of The University of Oklahoma and how he continues to serve his brothers, post-military.

May is Military Appreciation Month and sitting with Veteran, Jim LeRoux is not only a treat but an honor. Jim comes from a military family, he is a native Oklahoman and proud alumni of The University of Oklahoma. Jim shares his experience as a professional soccer player; as well as his journey of being a husband and father. Fatherhood caused him to deepen and depend on his faith in God when doctors told him that […]

LLMD Episode 12-Special Guest, Jenn Reed Shares Her Story About The Emergency Delivery of Her Miracle Twin Daughters, in which one needed Heart Surgery to Survive. Listen to Jenn’s Story of A Mother’s Faith, Separation/Divorce, and How She’s Finally Living An Authentic Life.

Candid Conversation with Jenn Reed about the birth of her miracle twins and being told that one child would not survive without heart surgery due to a defective heart. Listen to how Jenn’s faith would play a role in giving the doctors consent to perform such a risky surgery. Jenn also speaks candidly about her separation/divorce after 15 years of marriage. Jenn has overcome many obstacles but thankful for the journey that revealed her passion, […]

LLMD Episode 11-100 Years of Wisdom, Surviving The Loss of a Child, and The Importance of God & Family with Special Guest Ms. Sterling Certenberg aka “Granny”

Special Guest, Ms. Sterling Certenberg aka “Granny” shares her experience growing up as a young girl in Houston, TX. A proud alumni of Jack Yates High School, A mother of four children, as well as a mother who would unfortunately lose her youngest child to cancer. Listen to this beautiful conversation about LifeLoveMarriageDivorce through the eyes of a woman with 100 years of wisdom.

Do We Really Fall In Love-3 Times in a Lifetime?

I was talking to my best friend and she said…” I was watching a talk show and the host said that most people fall in love 3 times in a lifetime.” Of course, there are exceptions to every love relationship, as some people meet their true love on the first encounter and if that’s the case you are extremely blessed; so keep going strong. After our conversation ended, I wondered if this had any validity […]

LLMD Episode 10- Surviving A Near Death Eating Disorder and Becoming A Successful Therapist with Special Guest & The Power of Validation Author, Melissa Cook

Candid Conversation with mother, wife, author, and therapist Melissa Cook. Melissa’s life could have ended due to her severe eating disorder but with the help of doctors and therapist she overcame what almost killed her. Listen to Melissa’s journey of how she became a successful therapist who helps others overcome behavioral and emotional challenges. She also shares great advice on how to communicate effectively as a parent & spouse through therapy and the power of […]