Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving Everyday.

Welcome to November, the month that many of us begin our official holiday count down to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and the New Year. As we transition into the holiday spirit, prepare for family gatherings of food and fellowship, we have an opportunity to reflect on the things and people we’re most thankful for. I am always thankful for God’s grace, my 4 beautiful children, good health, shelter and the blessings of daily necessities. Although, […]

LLMD Episode 82-Miracles Do Happen! Special Guest, Kenny Wilkins sits at the Mic to share how He defeated Paralysis after a Hit & Run Accident. His Amazing & Miraculous Recovery is an Inspiration!

Special Guest, Kenny Wilkins sits at the Mic to share his testimony of how doctors told him, he would remain paralyzed due to a broken neck after a hit & run accident; But God and Kenny’s determination would say otherwise as he gained mobility and walked out of the hospital 10 days later. Listen to His amazing testimony about his remarkable recovery. His mother, Gwen Turner joins the conversation to share her experience as a […]

Life is Precious; So Appreciate it While You Can!

We hear and say the expression that life is short, time is precious and enjoy life while you can but we don’t always follow those instructions…to be present in the moment or to appreciate life would mean to stop what we’re doing and slow down in order to smell the roses. I am sure that we are all aware that tomorrow isn’t promised and appreciating each day as if it was our last should be […]

LLMD Episode 81-What do you Do when your Husband & Daughter have Autoimmune Disease and You’re an Educator who Loves your Job? Educator and CEO of One Mo’Ment, Monica Murphy sits at the Mic to discuss the Challenges of Being an Educator & Caretaker during the year of Covid. You will be inspired by her Faith and Positivity.

LLMD Episode 81-What do you do when your husband & daughter are immunocompromised and you’re an educator who loves your job? Special Guest, Educator and CEO of One Mo’Ment, Monica Murphy sits at the mic to discuss how she handles and balances the challenges of being an educator, a caretaker and the secret to a successful 25 year marriage. You will be inspired by her faith and positivity.