LLMD Episode 16-Finding Your Passion In Order To Establish Your Purpose with Special Guest, NFL Scout Alonzo Dotson

Alonzo Dotson earned a football scholarship and played for legendary University of Oklahoma head coach, Bob Stoops. Alonzo comes from a football/sports family, his grandfather and uncle played in The NFL.  Alonzo plans were to continue the Dotson NFL legacy as a player but he didn’t make the final cut. Although his NFL dreams didn’t turn out as planned, the Dotson NFL legacy would continue in an even greater way. Alonzo’s passion for the game […]

LLMD Episode 15- The Only Way To Survive Is With A New Heart! Special Guest, Carla Dawson Shares a Powerful Testimony of How Her Husband Survived Cancer and Heart Failure. Listen to How A Heart Transplant Changed His Life; and How Carla’s Heart was Transformed During The Process.

What happens when you are told at 22 years old that you have 2 weeks to live due to a rare form of cancer? What happens when you beat the cancer that was supposed to take your life only to be diagnosed with heart failure and in order to live, you’ll need a heart transplant. Wife, Mother, and SB Nation Radio Show Host Carla Dawson shares the story of her husband, Cole’s heart transplant journey. […]

LLMD Episode 14-A Father’s Love For His Son. Listen to how Special Guest, Michael Champion Jr. went to court and won sole custody of his son.

Michael Champion Jr. is a father who loves his son dearly. He knew that his son wasn’t living in an environment that would help him thrive or reach his full potential; so Michael took his case to court and won. Listen to Michael’s experience and words of wisdom as a father, entrepreneur, author, and homebuilder.

Knowing What You Deserve and Being With The One

Sometimes,  I see great quotes on social media and this one by Jm Storm caught my attention for many reasons. Number one, I am older and know that my LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey has opened my eyes to an understanding and awakening of what I truly want & deserve. Experience and maturation has also awakened me to valuing my worth, my time and no longer settling for or pleasing others for the sake of being accepted at […]