What will you do to Learn something New?

As parents we love spending time with our kids but we also love when school resumes. The appreciation we have for the role teachers play in our kids lives can’t be verbalized enough. Teachers do an amazing job educating, teaching and loving our kids. Unfortunately, the amount of work teachers put in to their profession doesn’t equal the financial reward they deserve because most teachers don’t go into education with a financial agenda, they enter […]

My friend posted this amazing quote on his Facebook page which inspired August LifeLoveMarriageDivorce blog. Ask yourself…Are you happy with how things are currently going in your life? Because whatever’s happening whether it’s spiritual, personal or professional, you are subconsciously or consciously choosing it. Are you thriving and at peace with the choices you’ve made thus far? If you aren’t at peace and simply surviving instead of thriving…whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. […]

No Matter What Continue to Hope!

Today’s headlines consist of inflation, high gas prices, the overturning of Roe vs Wade, Jan 6th Insurrection Investigation, increased covid cases, the war in Ukraine, Ulvade, mass shootings, airport cancellations, I can go on and on. One may ask why should we have any hope at all? Hope in this climate can be quite difficult to hold on to, along with our own personal struggles. However, when things are more than we can handle, we […]

What’s Going On?

The month of May has been one of great loss and pain due to mass shootings in Buffalo, NY and Ulvade, Texas. As we begin the month of June, another deadly mass shooting happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I beg to ask the question…What’s going on in our society that this has become an unfortunate norm? Prayers and condolences are simply not enough as families are faced to bury their loved ones sooner than expected. Although, […]