LLMD Episode 50-Coronavirus Crisis with Monique Davis Dotson

Who would have thought that in 2020, we would be in a Pandemic. However, this our new reality and we need to make sure that we are informed and following instructions for our safety, as well as the safety of those around us.

LLMD Episode 49-Special Guest, Kevin Calvin-Owner & President of TPMG Construction shares his Testimony about Second Chances. Kevin discusses Life after Prison, Remarrying his Wife, being Molested by a family member, Beating Cancer and Starting over in Business.

According to statistics Kevin Calvin shouldn’t be alive. His father made him rob homes at a young age. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison, He beat stage 3 cancer, His marriage ended in divorce and his lucrative catering business was lost. Most people wouldn’t survive the things that Kevin endured but God said otherwise. Listen to Kevin’s remarkable journey of how second chances in health, business, marriage and being unapologetically authentic has allowed […]

New Beginnings in the Month of March!

It’s March and Spring is in the air. It’s the month where winter disappears, flowers bloom and spring cleaning begins. March is a great month for new beginnings; however many of us can admit that our daily routines have caused us to become complacent; in which we deny or suppress new things our heart always wanted to accomplish. How many times have you thought about starting a new business but talk yourself out of it […]

LLMD Episode 48-Special Guest, Halle Jones joins me at the Mic to Discuss the Challenges and Joys of being a Sports Reporter. As a former athlete Halle has the Gift of Conveying that Athletes are More than the Sport they Play. She shares her Perspective of how Female Reporters are making a Positive Difference in the Male dominated Sports Reporter Industry. Halle also shares how Falling in Love with my son, Khari Dotson completely took her by Surprise.

Special Guest, Halle Jones joins me at the mic to discuss the challenges and joys of being a sports reporter. As a former athlete, Halle has the gift of conveying that athletes are more than the sport they play. She shares her perspective of how female reporters are making a positive difference in the male dominated sports reporter industry. Halle also shares how falling in love with my son, Khari Dotson completely took her by […]

LLMD Episode 47-How Will You Be Remembered? Kobe Bryant Memorial-Thoughts & Reflections by Monique Davis Dotson

As I watched Kobe Bryant’s Memorial, I was moved and inspired to make every moment in life count. I also asked myself the question, in which I now ask you…How will you be remembered by your loved ones and peers?