New Year-New Gratitude!

And just like that we are in a new year, 2023. As we end 2022 and begin our list of what’s going to be “our year” a year of blessed events, goals, dreams, desires, travel, self care and everything else we want to happen, it’s important to be grateful for the things we currently have and for the people who bless our presence today. Let’s make sure that we don’t let the things we want […]

December Reflection

And just like that it’s December. The last month of the year to reflect over all that has transpired in your life as you prepare to welcome  a new year. For many of us 2022 bought in some blessings and some bruises but the beauty of it is…if it helped you develop into a stronger, more focused, more awakened and intentional individual those blessings & bruises were worth it. Most people don’t like the bumps […]

Happy November!

Wow, It’s November Y’all! It’s amazing how the years goes by so fast these days. As we welcome November, we enter the holiday season preparing our hearts of gratitude and thanksgiving to fellowship with family and friends. We have an opportunity to pause and think about our many blessings and the love, forgiveness and mercy of God. I was scrolling on my social media page and happened to see a post about Deion Sanders. He […]

What will you do to Learn something New?

As parents we love spending time with our kids but we also love when school resumes. The appreciation we have for the role teachers play in our kids lives can’t be verbalized enough. Teachers do an amazing job educating, teaching and loving our kids. Unfortunately, the amount of work teachers put in to their profession doesn’t equal the financial reward they deserve because most teachers don’t go into education with a financial agenda, they enter […]