It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Hello & Welcome to the month of March, in which Spring Break and Spring Cleaning normally occurs. Many of us begin deep cleaning our homes and getting rid of clothing we no longer wear. Many of us also look forward to returning to gardening. The blossoming of plants and flowers in and around our homes creates great joy and beauty. There’s a healing, relaxation and rejuvenation component associated to connecting with Mother Earth as we witness the growth of our work. This welcomed feeling of satisfaction, be it in the cleansing of our homes or pulling out weeds in order to plant something beautiful should be carried over to our personal and professional lives. Basically it’s time to clean up things that we’ve avoided. I’m sure many of us can admit that there are some folks in our lives who do more harm than good to our own blossoming. Unfortunately, the lack of pruning the weeds from their lives can indirectly and directly affect the blossoming of your own.

Although, your intention to support and be there for them may come from a good place, they may be incapable at this juncture of their lives to do the same for others. At some point you will need to spring clean them out of your life in order to grow and experience the beautiful life you deserve. Therefore, take inventory of the things in your life that dims your light. If the job adds more stress to your life and no appreciation of the contributions you add to the company, you may want to start sprucing up your resume. The family or friends who constantly gossip about you may need a timeout in your life until they figure out their issues. The relationship that keeps you up at night for all of the wrong reasons due to a lack of trust and constant emotional abuse & turmoil, simply needs to be removed from your life, especially if you have given your all. You must be mindful of your worth & wellbeing because you are valuable!   As you begin Spring Cleaning your home make sure you include cleaning up your personal and professional life, too. Be mindful and intentional of those you allow to join in the blossoming of your internal & external beauty.

Until the next Blog, 

Blessings & Love!