Sometimes we can let people get under our skin and affect us in an unhealthy and undesirable way. What I realize is that it’s best to allow people to be who they are but don’t let them interfere with who you are or who you are becoming.  I am sure you have experienced regret in letting someone push your buttons and cause you to lose your cool.  Unfortunately, you fell for the transfer of energy switcheroo. When you have a positive outlook on life and seek solutions to resolve conflict, you will find that there’s always someone who doesn’t share the same mindset. Remember this, energy constantly flows and whether it’s positive energy or negative energy it will be deposited somewhere or to someone. For instance, have you ever walked into a room with exciting news, such as an engagement, a job promotion, purchase of a new home or whatever the good news…your positive energy had to be shared with others. Well, the same thing occurs when a person with negative energy walks into the room. Their frown, anger and unfriendly attitude can zap the joy out of any room. The shift of energy goes from high to low very quickly. Even if people try their hardest to uplift a negative person, their demeanor of negativity may just be who they are because negativity is their preferred choice of energy.

Your energy can make all the difference in the world. Therefore, decide how to positively move forward in how you respond to others even if you must implement your own positivity switcharoo. If you allow someone’s bad day deflate the joy you have within, you can’t solely blame them because your reaction  to engage or not engage is strictly up to you. You can remain positive in spite of whatever or whomever comes your way by removing yourself from that environment. What you allow in will be and what you keep out will be. A positive mindset reminds us that whatever we are going through is temporary and it’s a test of faith that everything will eventually work out in God’s divine time.  At this stage of life, Challenges are not a surprise and it’s not a surprise that you made it through the last valley; so guess what you will positively make it through this challenge too! As the saying goes, smile because it is contagious, make sure you remember that a positive mindset and positive energy is contagious too!

Until The Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!