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Monique Davis Dotson is a Christian, mother, yoga instructor, & motivator. Monique has a BA (Psychology) from the University of South Florida. She is a certified yoga instructor and founder of Yoga Girl Fitness. Monique is the founder of MBSW Foundation, an organization created to promote overall wellness. She is a compassionate communicator & conversationalist. She uses her God given gift of spiritual intellect, insight, and intuition to encourage others. She is well known for her positive outlook on life and inspirational messages. Monique has a genuine connectivity with people and is contacted daily for advice, inspiration, or prayer.

Monique’s passion and greatest joy is giving words of encouragement to others but she would use those inspirational messages to encourage herself as her 22-year marriage ended in divorce. Monique’s family and friends have always known her to be a pillar of strength but there were many tears along the way. Monique has always journaled her thoughts and the therapeutic attributes of pen and paper would be her saving grace, along with God and her children as she transitioned into the acceptance of her new life.

Her tears turned into her testimony and her testimony turned in to her triumph as her purpose of encouraging others was confirmed. Monique learned that life’s journeys are not always what we expect but they are definitely what we need to find our purpose and reach our highest good. Monique faithfully believes that everything happens for a reason and therefore, Life-Love-Marriage-Divorce was created.

Brigitta Henderson…Brie is a Christian, Mother and Sales Executive. Brie’ is a Mother of 2, William II and Jaiden Loren, which she professes is one of God’s Greatest Gifts and Honor bestowed upon her by Her Heavenly Father. Brie, is of multi- racial heritage, African American and German descent. Her German Heritage and growing up in Europe created a passion of travel and cultural diversity. Brie Attended the University of Pennsylvania and Duquense University in pursuit of an International Business Degree. A once in a lifetime opportunity of Mentorship changed the course of her life and paved a way for a long lasting Love for the marketing field. Brie is a fun loving Christian whose passions extend to her love for God and the relationships in fellowship she has formed. Brie has traveled throughout the United States and Europe as a private citizen and in the capacity of a flight attendant for a major airline. Other passions are sports, reading, cooking and music. As for, Brie her passions are broad and not limited; she is always open to expanding her mind, body and spirit.

In Brie’s professional life, She is a prominent sales representative at The Branding Agency. She is genuinely interested in strong client partnerships and the pursuit of exceptional service. Having studied at both the University of Pennsylvania and Duquesne University, Brie holds a highly specialized set of skills. Her interpersonal skills have enabled her to have over 25 years of success in customer service and promotional marketing industries. Due to the duration of her commitment, she brings a wealth of knowledge to this agency. Clients use her to reach their business goals. Before joining The Branding Agency, she had tenure at Clear Channel Radio Group, where she received the “President’s Award for Sales and Marketing Performance” consecutive years. This highest honor recognized excellence among her peer group and testifies to her reliability on our sales staff. In her previous employment at Boundless Network, where she served as Senior Account Executive, she was similarly recognized for outstanding client success. She truly understands and embraces the importance of customer service. Her performance at previous occupations further prove her skills and the work ethic with which she approaches all clients. At The Branding Agency, her ability to work with clients through each stage of marketing is pivotal to customer satisfaction. Her focus is breathing life into your story by artfully tailoring your Brand with Promotional products to fit your reach, mission and vision. She gives direction and intelligent solutions and purpose to the promotional products defining your brand and your companies core values and mission.

As Brie transitions into the next chapter of her life she hopes to share her life’s journey and the lessons she has learned to continue to lift up and guide the human spirit God leads her to, for His purpose. Brie continues to let God use her story, her pain, loss, struggles, wins and successes to be an example that “With God, All Things Are Possible”. Brie is a walking testimony.

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Kimberly Mallory-Porcher is a native of Atlanta Georgia, and presently resides in Orlando, Florida. She attended an HBCU, South Carolina State University and graduated in 1993 with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She is a mother of 3, young adults, 2 beautiful daughters, and 1 son. Kimberly is a business owner of Vibes Hair Studio Salon and has become a Global Keratin Hair Specialist. Kim is one of Orlando’s Top 5 hairstylist according to Booksy Biz. In addition to working her craft as a stylist, Kimberly also has Culinary training and certifications from The Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. With those skills, is where Southern Vibes was created. She loves creating Southern meals with an Upscale flair. She has a passion for creating sauces to pair with just about any meal. Her future goal is to have some platform for a cooking show. Kimberly , thrives to become one of the Top African American female Chefs, after she comes from behind the styling chair.

Kim has a passion for empowering young girls to reach beyond their own potential and teaches them to create and build their vision at a young age. She encourages them to challenge themselves in areas outside of what they can see by using their skills to the best of their ability and add a pinch of this and a pinch of that to create your Own.

Kim Mallory Porcher can be found on Instagram @southern_vibes15 and vibeshairstudio.

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Tina Marie Jones is a California native. She is a mother of 3, Entrepreneur and CEO of TMJ & Associates. She is an avid sports fan who was once married to a former NFL football player. Tina is known for her intuitive spirit and ability to keep it real. Her creative passion and business is customized executive gift baskets. Her baskets are designed and catered to the individuality of each client’s personality. Her clientele includes corporations, actors, professional athletes and more. Contact her on Instagram @ TMJ1945.

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