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I created Life Love Marriage Divorce as a resource to encourage and engage in candid conversations regarding relationships, parenting, sex, and social issues. It is my belief that compassionate communication in a non-judgmental safe environment is needed in order to heal old wounds, inspire, and understand one another through our journey. We will experience trials and tribulations but most importantly we will overcome and triumph because God has a plan to prosper and not to harm.

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Why I created Life Love Marriage Divorce

Monique Davis Dotson’s Journey

Trusting God’s Plan for me

My Life Love Marriage Divorce journey caused me to challenge, evaluate, and self improve within. I needed to be honest, release attachments, and trust God. I could no longer profess to believe in God; I needed to surrender and trust Him completely. There are no surprises to God regarding my life because He is the author and illustrator of it all. I am so happy that I finally moved out of the way so that He could lead and guide me in ultimately reaching my highest good.

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Three Ways to Find Your Own Path

Learn what has helped me find my way through the ups and downs of life.

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Begin or end your day with Blessings & Love daily devotional. Each devotion contains biblical scriptures and inspirational messages of encouragement. Intimately spend time with God and you will begin living your spiritual awakening in His presence, blessings, & love.

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The LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journal is your personal time to reflect and acknowledge what’s occurring in your life. Journaling the highs and lows of the day is cathartic and necessary for self improvement. Your written thoughts will awaken you to the realities of life and inspire you to reach your highest good in LifeLoveMarriageDivorce.

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LLMD Episode 15- The Only Way To Survive Is With A New Heart! Special Guest, Carla Dawson Shares a Powerful Testimony of How Her Husband Survived Cancer and Heart Failure. Listen to How A Heart Transplant Changed His Life; and How Carla’s Heart was Transformed During The Process.

What happens when you are told at 22 years old that you have 2 weeks to live due to a rare form of cancer? What happens when you beat the cancer that was supposed to take your life only to be diagnosed with heart failure and in order to live, you’ll need a heart transplant. Wife, Mother, and SB Nation Radio Show Host Carla Dawson shares the story of her husband, Cole’s heart transplant journey. […]

LLMD Episode 14-A Father’s Love For His Son. Listen to how Special Guest, Michael Champion Jr. went to court and won sole custody of his son.

Michael Champion Jr. is a father who loves his son dearly. He knew that his son wasn’t living in an environment that would help him thrive or reach his full potential; so Michael took his case to court and won. Listen to Michael’s experience and words of wisdom as a father, entrepreneur, author, and homebuilder.

Knowing What You Deserve and Being With The One

Sometimes,  I see great quotes on social media and this one by Jm Storm caught my attention for many reasons. Number one, I am older and know that my LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey has opened my eyes to an understanding and awakening of what I truly want & deserve. Experience and maturation has also awakened me to valuing my worth, my time and no longer settling for or pleasing others for the sake of being accepted at […]

LLMD Episode 13-May is Military Appreciation Month. Special Guest Navy Veteran, Jim LeRoux shares his experience on being a husband, father, professional soccer player, and veteran. Listen to how he grew up in Oklahoma, as well as being a proud alumni of The University of Oklahoma and how he continues to serve his brothers, post-military.

May is Military Appreciation Month and sitting with Veteran, Jim LeRoux is not only a treat but an honor. Jim comes from a military family, he is a native Oklahoman and proud alumni of The University of Oklahoma. Jim shares his experience as a professional soccer player; as well as his journey of being a husband and father. Fatherhood caused him to deepen and depend on his faith in God when doctors told him that […]

LLMD Episode 12-Special Guest, Jenn Reed Shares Her Story About The Emergency Delivery of Her Miracle Twin Daughters, in which one needed Heart Surgery to Survive. Listen to Jenn’s Story of A Mother’s Faith, Separation/Divorce, and How She’s Finally Living An Authentic Life.

Candid Conversation with Jenn Reed about the birth of her miracle twins and being told that one child would not survive without heart surgery due to a defective heart. Listen to how Jenn’s faith would play a role in giving the doctors consent to perform such a risky surgery. Jenn also speaks candidly about her separation/divorce after 15 years of marriage. Jenn has overcome many obstacles but thankful for the journey that revealed her passion, […]

LLMD Episode 11-100 Years of Wisdom, Surviving The Loss of a Child, and The Importance of God & Family with Special Guest Ms. Sterling Certenberg aka “Granny”

Special Guest, Ms. Sterling Certenberg aka “Granny” shares her experience growing up as a young girl in Houston, TX. A proud alumni of Jack Yates High School, A mother of four children, as well as a mother who would unfortunately lose her youngest child to cancer. Listen to this beautiful conversation about LifeLoveMarriageDivorce through the eyes of a woman with 100 years of wisdom.

Do We Really Fall In Love-3 Times in a Lifetime?

I was talking to my best friend and she said…” I was watching a talk show and the host said that most people fall in love 3 times in a lifetime.” Of course, there are exceptions to every love relationship, as some people meet their true love on the first encounter and if that’s the case you are extremely blessed; so keep going strong. After our conversation ended, I wondered if this had any validity […]

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Comments from Readers

  • Lisa Eason

    I try to read your post as they inspire me even when I find it hard to believe in myself you push me to believe in so much more. I strive to be even the tiniest bit like you for others as you have been for me! With my body fighting me everyday I look to your words of encouragement and to our God and I know that I can get through the worst of it. Fibromyalgia is an ugly and painful diagnosis but I choose to live better through Christ! I choose to not take the nasty narcotics and chose to care for my family instead. There are bad days but I push through them and I notice I look for your words in those moments. You are a wonderful mentor.
    I thank God that I have you to look up to!

  • Tevie Monk

    Monique truly has a special gift – the ability to listen without judging, inspire without being overbearing, and give without wanting anything in return. She provides advice and insight to encourage others, and I have been lucky enough to experience these gifts first-hand. Thank you, Monique, for your encouraging words. I am forever grateful to know you!

  • Troy Jefferson, Program Manager, Child & Adolescent Services Dept.Riverside General Hospital

    It is with great honor that we here at Riverside General Hospital salute Mrs. Monique Dotson for her dedication and quality of service she provides for our youth in the Winners’ Journey program. She has implemented a successful Yoga program to our youth, and facilitates her services weekly to all of our female teens with great anticipation. Her services have become a vital part of our client’s weekly schedule, acknowledging that the majority of our clientele are lacking positive self-esteem, anger management and coping skills when they become upset. Our youth and staff always look forward to her instruction and ideas offered to help them make better choices in life instead of always reacting on poor impulsive behaviors. Mrs. Dotson is a very honest and caring individual, who has no problem respecting the ideas and reasoning of others, and this is why all those who attend her Yoga sessions enjoy her so much. We appreciate her greatly and value her services. She has definitely made our youths lives better, and for that reason, we all thank her a million and wish her more success in all of her future endeavors.

  • B.Jones

    I have known Monique for 25 years and I have always been inspired by her words of encouragement. I met Monique through my then boyfriend, now husband. She was my first counselor, that is partly why my husband and I survived through our early twenties. Monique is easy to talk to because she listens and responds with a Christians point of view. She will never tell you what you want to hear, her words are always honest, insightful and spoken with love. When she is present she commands your ear. She will keep you engaged with her conversation and you will leave feeling like you can conquer the world. I am a better person having met her and I am blessed to have her in my life.

  • Marjorie

    What do you say about an individual who puts others in front of herself? What do you say about an individual who constantly wants the best out of each situation? What do you say to an individual who truly listens to your concerns and guides you through your thinking process without your realizing it? What do you say about an individual who keeps FAITH in spite of it ALL. You call her a TRUE FRIEND… SISTER…MOTHER…COUSIN..etc. I simply call her my sister Monique.
    We are not blood related but I feel she treats me as if I am!!
    You have the GIFT of ENCOURAGEMENT and EMPOWERMENT !!!
    Stay as you are….

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