December Reflection

And just like that it’s December. The last month of the year to reflect over all that has transpired in your life as you prepare to welcome  a new year. For many of us 2022 bought in some blessings and some bruises but the beauty of it is…if it helped you develop into a stronger, more focused, more awakened and intentional individual those blessings & bruises were worth it. Most people don’t like the bumps and bruises part of the journey but they are the ones that help you become more vulnerable; they help you release the image that everything is fine when it’s not. They help you get on your knee because you realize you can’t do this journey alone, so you call to the God you put on the back burner because of all of the busyness in your life. And just maybe you learned to trust God more than you had in the past. You realize the only thing that would reboot your spiritual journey was the bruises you endured from those difficult challenges. If 2022 helped you realize that holding on to grudges were no longer necessary due to the unexpected death of a loved one and forgiveness entered your heart as time is precious and being upset limits that time, consider your revelation a blessing.

Let December be a reminder that you are an overcomer; you are worthy, you are better than you were at the beginning of 2022 because each day, each experience and every mistake has taught you valuable lessons. Lessons that helped you mature and grow in areas that you may have ignored if it wasn’t for what you had to go through. As you reflect make sure you acknowledge the testimonies you witnessed from other over-comers. Testimonies that encouraged and inspired you to know that all things are possible with God and that if God did it for him/her, He is more that able to bless you too. The miraculous healings and transformations of others are always beneficial as it increases faith and allows us to share good news. As you prepare for Christmas and the Holiday season make sure your reflection includes gratitude and thanks that you are still here and blessed to see not only another day but the welcoming of a new year. Remember to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself when you fall short-simply learn from and improve in areas that need improvement so that you can show what God has done and is doing in your life. Reflection leads to restoration and revelation, so whatever you have done to improve in 2022 bring it into 2023. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Until the next Blog,

Blessings & Love!