New Year-New Gratitude!

And just like that we are in a new year, 2023. As we end 2022 and begin our list of what’s going to be “our year” a year of blessed events, goals, dreams, desires, travel, self care and everything else we want to happen, it’s important to be grateful for the things we currently have and for the people who bless our presence today. Let’s make sure that we don’t let the things we want make us forget the things we have. Let’s be mindful to thank God that we made it through 2022. There are many people and loved ones who had the same hopes of hitting the reset button and to start fresh in 2023 that are no longer with us. I think of a friend who was 49 years young who passed unexpectedly, a couple days shy of entering 2023. The surprise of seeing him on the same flight and hugging him when we departed the plane a few weeks prior makes me think about how precious this life truly is and how grateful I am to awaken to a new day.

It’s true that none of us know the day nor the hour in which we will depart this earth but we can definitely be grateful for what we have, where we are along our journey, the people God placed in our lives for a season, a reason, a lesson or permanently.  We should be grateful for each moment because we often take precious moments for granted by placing money, material possessions, career, things or people in front of daily opportunities to be grateful. When we omit gratitude we fall prey to busyness and distractions that interfere with the things that really matter.

There is no time like now to show gratitude for what you have while you can. The gift of gratitude in how far you have come and where you hope to grow in your walk creates a joyous heart because gratefulness reminds us that with God all things are possible; and the acknowledgement of gratitude is a welcomed path of more blessings to come. As you begin new resolutions & to do list, as well as those fitness/weight loss goals take a moment to sit in gratitude for everything you have right now because it brings an awareness of appreciation to the soul that things & money simply can’t do. May God bless 2023 to be one of gratitude, peace, blessings and love.

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!