Embrace Transition and Welcome the Butterfly Stage

Wow it’s already February! It’s Black History Month and it’s also the month we celebrate love. As we acknowledge the contributions African Americans have made to this country and their perspective communities, let’s think about our own contributions and the communities we serve. In addition, let’s prioritize loving ourselves by embracing our different stages of life. As we get older and life evolves into the next stage, it can be a tad overwhelming. You may be at the stage of retirement or your child is graduating from high school and headed to college. You may be a recent widow or recently divorced. Whatever stage you are currently in, learn to embrace it.

I’m sure this sounds easier said than done but here’s the thing,  if you are a person of faith you know that God is with you. You also realize that you served your time in those God given assignments. I frequently remind myself that every assignment has an expiration date in order to be a reminder to let go and let God direct my steps to the next assignment. That transitional thought process isn’t always easy but I can assure you that it’s necessary because at some point you will realize that your best was good enough, then you can move forward and welcome new assignments that allow you to find a new community of friends; those you can serve and learn from. And guess what…you may finally be able to breathe from being everything for and to everyone else’s needs. Therefore, embrace each stage of life because nothing you are going through is a surprise to God. He has been and will continue to be with you every step of the way.

It’s true that we may not like the growing pains associated with transition but just like a butterfly begins in the chrysalis stage and goes through the metamorphosis stage before transforming into a beautiful butterfly,  we must endure various stages of life and in due time, the appointed time we will become butterflies in the stage of life we enter. You have so much to give, to offer and to share with others, so give yourself permission to be happy, to be courageous and to live. If you carry the guilt of putting yourself first or if you’re wondering about the what if’s or what will others think, or you’re asking yourself…”Am I being selfish?” The answer is no because self care and self awareness is not selfish. The Lord knows your heart that’s why your work servitude for 30 years, taking care of your kids/spouse or simply doing for others before doing for yourself is a blessing. Therefore, you can rest assured that God is pleased and He wouldn’t be nudging your heart to take care of you if He didn’t want you to. So find your passion, do the things you put on the back burner, take the trip, go on the date, go back to school, volunteer, buy the shoes and eat the chocolate cake with no regrets. Embrace this new stage of life because you have done a good job in every assignment the Lord has given you. It’s your time, so go for it because you deserve it!

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!