Should I Open My Heart to Love Again?

It’s February; and Valentine’s Day will be upon us to shower our love ones with flowers, chocolates and gifts. However, love can be the furtherest thing from the mind of a person who has experienced a breakup, separation, or divorce. The thought of love in the air can be a turn off or the thought of meeting someone and becoming vulnerable all over again after heartbreak may cause one to simply say never again. I […]

Welcome 2020!

When I think about 2010-2019, I think about the challenges, the obstacles, the heartache, the lessons, and the blessings. In 2009, I separated from my husband. I wondered how was I going to make it, trying to take care of my 4 kids and myself. My finances were challenged, my heart was broken but I never stopped believing that God would somehow make away. There were many nights that I cried and prayed alone in […]

Pain Eventually Leads To Peace

Welcome to December! As you reflect over 2019’s highs and lows, you most likely wished the lows were non-existent. However, what I have learned to be true is that the pain of the lows is necessary for peace. It would appear that the highs in life would be all the peace one needs, but in order to obtain peace, pain usually occurs first. What was the most painful experience you had this year? Was it […]

What Do You Do When Your Partner No Longer Wants To Be With You?

Most of us have experienced a bad breakup due to betrayal or a partner telling us they have fallen out of love with us or maybe we were the one who fell out of love with them. Falling out of love doesn’t necessarily mean that you no longer care or love that person, it may mean that you’ve come to the realization that love has transitioned to a new meaning or you no longer choose […]

What’s Your Love Language?

On my October, LifeLoveMarriageDivorce Podcast my guest and I mentioned The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommended it. Dr. Chapman writes about 5 love languages that identify how we prefer to be loved. After my podcast, I decided to revisit my book that is marked with highlights on almost every page. It was helpful in identifying the love language that speaks directly to my heart. […]