Do We Really Fall In Love-3 Times in a Lifetime?

I was talking to my best friend and she said…” I was watching a talk show and the host said that most people fall in love 3 times in a lifetime.” Of course, there are exceptions to every love relationship, as some people meet their true love on the first encounter and if that’s the case you are extremely blessed; so keep going strong. After our conversation ended, I wondered if this had any validity […]

April Fools’ Relationship

  Unfortunately many of us have experienced a partner telling us…I am not in love with you anymore,  I am in love with someone else, I want a divorce, I am not happy, or I’m leaving. The experience of your partner’s love, affection, and intimacy slowly disappeaing can be devastating. The light of admiration their eyes once had for you is now greeted with a look in the other direction or a stale hello. You may ask […]

“The One That Got Away”

Relationships can be quite challenging  especially if you end up with the one you settled for instead of the one you really desire. For my married readers this blog may not apply to you personally if you happened to married the love of your life. But it can be useful to share with others who may be starting over or those you know settled in relationships that lacks peace and happiness causing one to reminisce […]

Learn To Love Yourself Well!

February is the month, we recognize Black History, President’s Day, and the most recognizable day of the year, in which we shower love ones with cards, flowers, and chocolates on the day of “love” known as Valentine’s Day. Love is a beautiful thing with the right person and it can be a dreadful thing with the wrong person. So it is imperative that we learn how to love ourselves well. When we love others better than […]

It’s Time for Something NEW!

It’s a wonder how time flies…It’s a new year; the year of 2019. As we begin this supposed year of New Beginnings, if New is what we actually seek, we must do things differently. The things we have procrastinated about or felt fearful of doing can no longer continue to be the “new normal” of professing our desires at the beginning of the year but holding on to our same way of life; especially if […]