Bonjour! It’s Time to Live and Apply The Love You Give Others To Yourself By Checking Those To Do List Items Off Your List!

It’s July and we are half way through 2019. July also happens to be my birth month in which I recently celebrated my 49th Birthday. As I reflect over my life, I realize that I put many of my to do list goals on the back burner. As a mother of 4 and once married woman, I did this frequently. I have no regrets in the sacrifices made for the people I love because it’s […]

Knowing What You Deserve and Being With The One

Sometimes,  I see great quotes on social media and this one by Jm Storm caught my attention for many reasons. Number one, I am older and know that my LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey has opened my eyes to an understanding and awakening of what I truly want & deserve. Experience and maturation has also awakened me to valuing my worth, my time and no longer settling for or pleasing others for the sake of being accepted at […]

Do We Really Fall In Love-3 Times in a Lifetime?

I was talking to my best friend and she said…” I was watching a talk show and the host said that most people fall in love 3 times in a lifetime.” Of course, there are exceptions to every love relationship, as some people meet their true love on the first encounter and if that’s the case you are extremely blessed; so keep going strong. After our conversation ended, I wondered if this had any validity […]

April Fools’ Relationship

  Unfortunately many of us have experienced a partner telling us…I am not in love with you anymore,  I am in love with someone else, I want a divorce, I am not happy, or I’m leaving. The experience of your partner’s love, affection, and intimacy slowly disappeaing can be devastating. The light of admiration their eyes once had for you is now greeted with a look in the other direction or a stale hello. You may ask […]

“The One That Got Away”

Relationships can be quite challenging  especially if you end up with the one you settled for instead of the one you really desire. For my married readers this blog may not apply to you personally if you happened to married the love of your life. But it can be useful to share with others who may be starting over or those you know settled in relationships that lacks peace and happiness causing one to reminisce […]