Life is Precious; So Appreciate it While You Can!

We hear and say the expression that life is short, time is precious and enjoy life while you can but we don’t always follow those instructions…to be present in the moment or to appreciate life would mean to stop what we’re doing and slow down in order to smell the roses. I am sure that we are all aware that tomorrow isn’t promised and appreciating each day as if it was our last should be […]

What Do You Want & What’s Stopping You From Going For It?

How many times have you said I want to change my career but fear stops you in your tracks? How many times have you said to yourself… “this relationship is taking more than it’s giving and it’s more hurtful than helpful.” And after years of trying, forgiving and patiently waiting for the other party to improve their actions towards you things remain the same. When relationships begin to decline and the excitement & passion you […]

The Ability to Say….“I am Not Ok” is Strength & Self Care!

It’s amazing how often we say we’re fine when we’re not. The norm of pushing through tough times mentality, emotionally or physically is just what we do, even when we may be falling apart from the loss of loved ones, negative or abusive relationships-be it professional or personal, financial instability, depression, divorce or whatever challenges come our way. The saying of…”I don’t want anyone to know my business” or the guilt felt for “complaining to […]

Furry Family Members (A Blog for Lambeau)

As the month of July begins, which happens to be my birthday month, I can’t help but to think about our furry family member, our beloved cane corso, Lambeau passing on the last day of June. My heart breaks as I witnessed him trying to be strong up until his last breath. For anyone who is a dog/animal lover you know that the unconditional love a family pet gives is simply priceless. The understanding that […]


Learning to reconcile and forgive yourself for trusting and believing those who introduce you to their representative, those who create false narratives of themselves is a must for your own self healing. It is unfortunate that some people will check all the boxes on your list, say and do everything right and appear to connect on every level but turn out to be a fraud. As a life coach, I hear countless stories about this […]