Wise Words! The Day My Dad Said…”There’s a Difference between a Man and a Boy!”

I was thinking about all of things that I have been told, the advice, the counsel, the negative and the positive. I recall the things I either told myself or how I failed by allowing the opinion of others remain on repeat in my mind. It amazes me how we allow a person’s lack of knowledge, wisdom and judgement define who we are based on their limited insight, conflicting issues and lack of love for […]

What Do You Do When Tragic Events Occur?

We are only 3 months in to 2021 and the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol occurred; in which lives were loss and people were hurt. We’re still dealing with the Covid pandemic, in which we have exceeded 500,000 plus deaths in the United States. A couple of weeks ago the state of Texas had a winter freeze, in which lives were loss due to its electrical grid power failure . The loss of power and […]

What Does Love Mean to You and Are You Receiving It?

Have you every loved someone and they didn’t love you the way you deserved to be loved? You put your effort, time, heart and love in the relationship, loving your partner based on their needs and how they desire to be loved only to be denied the love you deserve. I am sure many are nodding in agreement. It’s possible that you are traveling down memory lane, thinking of the person who denied your love […]


I am sure many of you were looking forward to the end of 2020 believing that 2021 would give us a fresh new start; such as a vaccine that can possibly help battle this awful covid pandemic but 6 days in to the new year another unprecedented event would play before our very eyes at the Nation’s Capitol. It may cause anxiety and/or fear for many but one thing I know to be true is […]

This Is Not The Year To Get Everything You Want. This Is The Year To Appreciate Everything You Have!

Can you believe that the end of 2020 is only weeks away? Like many of you when 2019 was ending and a new decade was approaching…I thought wow, 2020 is going to be my year. It is the year I turned 50, the year I was going to try new things; the year I would travel and make a multitude of memories but those plans quickly came to a halt as the coronavirus pandemic became […]