Release Relationships That Only Make Withdrawals!

How many times have you experienced a broken heart or felt under appreciated because you practice the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated but find yourself on the short end of the stick? If you are in a committed relationship, you will occasionally disagree but a balanced relationship’s goal is to effectively articulate whatever the conflict may be and implement a plan to fix it. However, many relationships become […]

Is 2020 going to get any better? If You Believe…the answer is…Yes!

On January 1st many of us celebrated and professed how 2020 was going to be our best year, a new decade and all things good would be our new mindset. However, this new mindset would be challenged. We are half way through 2020 and so much has occurred…we remain in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, social justice protest and it’s a national election year. We have lost friends and loved one, joblessness has reached […]

INHALE & EXHALE (RIP George Floyd & All who have Died Unjustly)

As a yoga instructor, the most important lesson I teach my clients is to inhale & exhale. As I instruct, I repeatedly tell them to…”breathe in to your pose.” “Inhale and exhale as you move and don’t hold your breath because your breath gives you life! “Your breath heals, empowers and allows you to be present.” This is one of the many reasons my heart sank watching George Floyd’s death take place on national television. […]

Gratitude, Love, and Forgiveness during the Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 6th, I took my daughter to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo at her request to see Chance the Rapper and 5 days later the Rodeo closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is proof that we are not in control and we definitely don’t know the day nor the hour as life changed at a moment’s time. Who could have ever imagined that we would be witnessing a pandemic, countless lives being […]

New Beginnings in the Month of March!

It’s March and Spring is in the air. It’s the month where winter disappears, flowers bloom and spring cleaning begins. March is a great month for new beginnings; however many of us can admit that our daily routines have caused us to become complacent; in which we deny or suppress new things our heart always wanted to accomplish. How many times have you thought about starting a new business but talk yourself out of it […]