What will you do to Learn something New?

As parents we love spending time with our kids but we also love when school resumes. The appreciation we have for the role teachers play in our kids lives can’t be verbalized enough. Teachers do an amazing job educating, teaching and loving our kids. Unfortunately, the amount of work teachers put in to their profession doesn’t equal the financial reward they deserve because most teachers don’t go into education with a financial agenda, they enter the profession because of their heart to give and for that, a thank you will never be enough. Now that our precious cargo have returned to the classroom and gone for at least 8 hours of the day, what will you do to learn something new? What will you do that you put off because you kept the kids busy throughout the summer? I encourage you to take advantage of this time and implement an educational resource or a wellness component to your daily routine.

If you have been interested in meditation find a quiet place and sit for 5 minutes. You can do this on your lunch break whether it’s at home or at the office. If you desire to learn a second or third language, download a free language App or sign up for a class. If a new fitness routine has been on the forefront of your mind but your schedule continues to push it on the back burner, make a decision to be intentional by joining a gym, hire a trainer or start with a stroll around the block. You can increase your walk by 5 minutes a day until you reach your desired goal. If we expect our kids to learn something new, then we can do the same and be intentional with decisions to either restart the pause buttons or begin new things that will help us transform into our greatest good.

In addition, learning new things may not require you to be physical, if you have a routine that yields results, keep doing it. If you desire to grow spiritually, a bible study group may be the answer or if you need to train your mind to release negativity or negative thoughts  hire a life coach or find a therapist who assists in mental wellness.  Visualize the outcome you want for yourself and begin executing  each new task one day at a time. If you get busy and fall short for any reason when learning something new don’t beat yourself up, simply restart and know that you can do it. I love praise reports, so email me updates regarding your progress.

Until the Next Blog!

Blessings & Love