Why are you holding on to what makes you sad?

When asked the question… “what do you want most in life?” The universal answer is to find true love and to be happy. It is interesting that the majority of us desire happiness but continuously hold on to the things that make us sad. As 2017 comes to an end what are you going to do to implement happiness in your life? There is a saying that “happiness is a choice”- but we restrict our happiness by choosing to remain in toxic relationships. We display images of happy relationships and marriages when our reality is completely opposite of what’s projected to the masses. We settle for jobs that we strongly dislike instead of choosing the dream career filled with passion and purpose.

Why is it that we overstay our welcome and hold on to things that cause mental, emotional, and physical sadness? We pray that our partners and jobs will fill our happiness tank but this tank can only be filled by us. We cause self inflicted wounds of sadness and pain when we allow the opinions and control of others bind us in fear. Fear causes the suppression of the authentic heart. It is up to you to intentionally choose happiness and refuse to carry the 2017 baggage of sadness in to the new year. The thought of walking out on faith and releasing habitual patterns of personal and professional dysfunction can be quite frightening but aren’t you more frighten of living a life that consists of sadness? How many more nights will you cry yourself to sleep? How many more times will you pray the same prayer and ignore God when He gives you the answer to that prayer? You were created in the image of God; enwrapped in all of God’s majesty, power, & greatness but why are you choosing to settle for less than what you deserve?

I remember when I had come to a crossroads in my marriage… after trying to do everything to preserve the union, feeling guilt and shame of not completing what I started, trying to protect my kids- I realized that I was doing myself a great injustice by ignoring the reality of what was in order to remain in a place of complacency and sadness. Marriage is a beautiful union with the right person. I don’t regret being married and I’m thankful for many loving and happy moments but whenever there is oversight and denial in the reality of what is-fooling the masses may be possible but fooling the heart is completely impossible. For many of us there will be assignments that fulfill its completion date when God says it’s done and many times His done is different from our definition of done. I had a difficult time rationalizing this reality but it was the answer to my happiness. God is all knowing and there is nothing happening in life that He hasn’t ordered or allowed. If we choose to ignore our intuitive heart it will only result in sadness but when we put our hope in God’s plans-the result is peace and happiness.

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of transform-is to change completely the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that the thing or person is improved. How will you create transformational change and improve in love, life, and career? What will you do to change the things that continuously make you sad? What is your authentic heart definition of personal and professional happiness? God knows your heart, concerns, struggles and He doesn’t like seeing you continuously choose things that make you sad. God came to give abundant life not abundant sadness.

Blessings & Love!

Until The Next Blog,

Monique Davis Dotson