A New Season of Life

Do you remember your first job? For many of us the memory of delivering newspapers, baby sitting, working at the local grocery store or McDonald’s may come to mind. It was exciting to have a job as a teenager but that time in your life served its purpose and would eventually fall away to invite the next season of transition. Life consists of seasons that transition you to ultimately meet the love of your life and live the life of your dreams. The bible says that our steps are ordered by God which includes various seasons of faith tests and suffering. However, we tend to interfere with God’s plans when we don’t understand it. Impatience and the need to be in control causes us to remain in some seasons for longer periods of time than necessary. We pray and hope that the situation or those around us will change but the reality is that if we want a new season of life, we must transition to the state of awareness.

As you welcome the new year, take inventory of your life and be honest about your current season. Are you happy or satisfied? Have you allowed 2017 burdens rollover in to 2018? What are your dreams and goals? Do you talk yourself out of happiness due to guilt or fear? Do you attract people who take more and give less? The quote by Mandy Hale suggests that during seasons of transition there will be people and situations who will fall away. This could appear to be an awful thing but in reality it may be the best thing that could ever happen to you.

If you want 2018 to be a season of increase, one you in which you thrive; it’s time to transition to a season of awareness regarding the company you keep, the job that takes more and gives less-overlooking you for the promotion year after year, the toxic relationship that no longer serves you or your partner’s best interest. Every season has valuable life lessons needed to build faith, trust, and wisdom for the journey. But that doesn’t mean that every situation or everyone you meet is meant to travel the duration of the journey with you. When you understand that seasons where your faith is tested a little more, the struggles-you overcome and the challenges that make you stronger are divinely ordered to lead you to happiness, prosperity, peace, and love-is the moment you will blissfully transition. Learn to make the best of your seasonal situations. However, refuse to remain in seasons longer than God requires you to stay and unapologetically transition to the life you deserve; and those who no longer fit your awakened authentic new season of life will fall away. Happy New Year!


Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!