What’s Love Got To Do With It? Absolutely Everything!

Love is something that we desire. The thought of sharing life with someone in unconditional and blissful love is a divine feeling. It’s a natural emotion to want and desire love; due to God’s love existing since the beginning of time. However, our desire for love can sometimes cause us to settle for superficial, disrespectful, or manipulative love. This less than desirable love experience occurs when we fail to define and clarify our personal definition of love.

A lack of communication can welcome a “go with the flow” kind of relationship when love is not defined. The unspoken and subconscious feeling of being the sacrificial partner can lead to resentment. Yes, love does require sacrifice but the sacrifice should be beneficial for both parties not one. Whenever you sacrifice your self worth, voice, respect, or peace should be a red flag that you’re not experiencing real love. Remaining in a relationship due to the fear of being alone or the opinions of others can bind you to an unhealthy, unfulfilled, and unhappy relationship.

Valentine’s Day is a day that we publicly celebrate love, however real love is celebrated daily. Articulate what love means, share your definition of love, express how you want and need to be loved, identify how you prefer to receive and give love, know what you deserve, want and don’t want in order to eliminate assumptions of love. Loving God should be our first priority, but make sure to prioritize loving yourself, too. Self love establishes personal awareness and teaches others how to love you.

Love is a wonderful gift and if you are blessed to meet a partner who moves your soul; and connects to you physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and intellectually-you have something very rare; so honor and hold on to it tightly. When your heart is moved by your partner’s presence or absence, it’s a confirmation that love has absolutely everything to do with it.

Avoid settling for anything less than real love. Don’t allow the “clock is ticking” thoughts, family or societal pressures cause you to hastily choose an undesirable partner. Refuse to entertain relationships that are filled with drama and stress. Avoid portraying the “happy couple” for image and photo opportunities because time and love is extremely precious. There is nothing beneficial about having a person physically take up space who you’re not in love with.  Love yourself, articulate your love definition and allow faith to welcome your fate. And when asking yourself…”what’s love go to do with it?” Your response should be…”absolutely everything!”

Until the next Blog,
Blessings & Love!