Many people are in love & not together or together & not in love!

I was surprised when I saw this picture posted on LinkedIn but I wasn’t surprised about the validity of the message. There are many blissful love relationships but the reality is that there are more people who fit the description of being in love and not together and those who are together and not in love. I have spoken to many people who say they would never marry the same person twice. It’s amazing when you make this life long commitment only to realize that you didn’t end up marrying your soulmate, you realize that you only married a mate. Now this doesn’t mean that you don’t like or love things about the person you are committed to or in relationship with, it just means that you may not be “in love” with them.  Many of us enter relationships without knowing who we are in our 20’s and due to lack of experience and maturity, we meet someone we think is our soulmate because of the attention given or good sex but being “in real love” is so much more than that. It is easy to understand how we can confuse “the one” for one who is just a companion. If we fail to be honest with ourselves, we soon find out that we are in a habitual patterned relationship that has flat-lined instead of one that should consistently peak romantically, emotionally, mentally, & spiritually. Instead we fall victim of not wanting to be alone or fall in to the “keeping up with the jones” imaged relationship; looks good on the outside but a mess on the inside. There are those who are in love but aren’t together for so many reason. My suggestion is that if you are in love and the person is in love with you-go for it. True love has no fear and it is a rare find, so don’t waste time! 

How do you know when you are in love? There should be a divine and synergistic connection. You know that this person is different from anything or anyone else that you have ever met.  You know you are in love when you are willing to sacrifice yourself for this person and if you want to ever know where your heart is-look where your mind wanders most of all.  This message is mainly for those of us who get a second chance at finding real love and for those who are feeling pressured from their significant other to move forward but you know that you are not in love. My suggestion is don’t move forward for the fear of hurting their feelings, that’s not love. I can assure you that you will hurt a person more if you aren’t truthful about your authentic heart. An authentic heart happens once in a life time with the right person. We have all fallen in love but falling and being in love are 2 different things. When you fall, you can get up and love someone else all over again but when you are in love, you never want to get up-you are in for the duration. Being in love with the right person or “the one” is a gift, so it’s up to us to avoid looking like the posted picture.

Until the next blog, 

Blessings & Love