Have you ever wondered why you didn’t end up with the person you wanted or prayed for every night? Well, I assure you that God did answer your prayer even if it didn’t go as your preconceived thoughts would have preferred. What are you saying Monique…well let me explain, some of you are praying to God for a dysfunctional relationship to work, hoping that he/she would only do “xyz” and then all will be fine prayer (just a tad of advice if he/she wants you-you won’t have to pray that they will to do “xyz”, they will do it freely out of love & desire) and some of you want a husband or wife because you are tired of being alone. Well, God didn’t allow that particular prayer or person to work out for a reason; you may have felt disappointed but God isn’t listening to your thoughts and what makes sense to you, He is listening to those most desired prayers in your heart. I use to wonder why my marriage didn’t work, especially because I am one of faith and I know that if Jesus could raise the dead He could surely save a marriage. What time would heal and brutal honesty could only reveal, I realized that God was only delivering what I asked for in my true heart…was I asking for divorce no, the plan wasn’t to get married in order to get divorced and I don’t believe that my ex wanted that either but what I personally prayed to God for was to give me peace. I wanted truth and peace and He answered my prayer. I am sure that you have heard the saying “just live a little longer” these profound words of wisdom of living long enough to know that I wasn’t in control, only God is and living long enough to mature from life  experience, especially when it comes to relationships. Many times we see the signs and we convince ourselves that things will get better or we selfishly want someone to do what makes us comfortable or happy regardless of how they may feel. Relationships are sacrificial but many times the love of a mate can be taken advantage of or taken for granted but what I know to be true is that when you find your soulmate there is a healthy balance of give and take. A soulmate is a love connection like no other…you connect on 5 levels- spiritually, physically, mentally, intellectually, & emotionally.  I also know this to be true, your soulmate protects your soul, they don’t harm or hurt it. 

I met with a lovely couple who needed advice about how to handle a concern in their marriage; they are soulmates who have a genuine love for one another and they connect on all 5 levels. Many of us experience 2 or 3 of the 5 connectivity levels and then wonder why conflict arises in the relationship. A soulmate love is divinely inspired; it makes you crazy in love and you didn’t fall in love because of sex, you fell in love before you were ever physically intimate as you fell in love with their soul 1st. If you have yet to experience this connection then 9 times out of 10 you are with a mate and not your soulmate. If you are satisfied with being a mate, it’s perfectly fine but just know if you are forcing love, habitually settling, and comfortably getting by in your relationship then accept your position or if you want real love then face your reality and allow your soulmate to find you.

The “live a little longer” wisdom quote taught me not to find blame and fault when a relationship ends but to face the reality of what was allowed, accepted, or created.  When we approach God we must know that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of Him.”(1 John 5:14-15)  For me Peace is apart of His will and it is what I ask for and I am thankful for my answered prayer. Peace is the reason I created LifeLoveMarriageDivorce; I write to encourage you to become authentic and honest with yourself as you enter or exit a relationship. Relationships are a beautiful thing and they are absolutely beautiful when you experience life with your soulmate. So as you end 2016, don’t settle, don’t go along with the status quo, don’t paint a beautiful imaged lie of a life when you know that your life is not as it appears because what I know to be true is that we deserve real love, 5 levels of connectivity, a soulmate and most importantly, peace. Here’s to Soulmates in 2017!  

Until the Next Blog, 

Blessings & Love