Picking Up The Pieces

The breakup of any relationship can be traumatic. Overwhelming feelings of a dissolved union, family separation, financial hardships can be the onset of those traumatic feelings. I can honestly say that I experienced the feelings mentioned but what I learned during my LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey is that it is perfectly fine to acknowledge those feelings but it’s not fine to allow those feelings to linger or to be forever bound by them. I no longer look at my experience as traumatic, I look at the valuable lessons I learned and more importantly, I look at the deeper relationship I formed with God through that process.

Our steps were ordered long before we ever existed and there is a divinely orchestrated plan for each of us. Our experiences are what make us unique and purposeful for His kingdom. My words for those of you who are experiencing a relationship breakup, separation, or divorce is to keep trusting God. I know that many of you are saying Monique, that’s easier said than done and I will kindly agree but I am a living testimony that all things happen for a reason and you can overcome them because…But God!

Because of God’s grace, I transitioned from feeling a VOID to using my VOICE to encourage others. No matter what surprises life bring along your path always know that God is in control! There is nothing that will ever occur during our journey that’s a surprise to God.  Your journey may be to have a long lasting martial relationship but the surprise of an illness may occur and you may wonder, why Lord? God has a plan to use you for His divine purpose; so if you are “picking up the pieces” remember this “For we are Godʼs handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10 ) Maybe your situation doesn’t feel good right now but be assured that God will bring good out of every situation. The once broken pieces of how I felt have been mended and I am so much better for my LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey.  So for those who are feeling overwhelmed, wondering why, or stressed…I know your pain but I will assure you of this…BUT GOD! You were never meant to “pick up the pieces” all of your life, you are purposed!  Never forget that your LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey is preparing you for a purpose! So hang in there and don’t give up! Until the Next Blog!


Blessings & Love,