My friend posted this amazing quote on his Facebook page which inspired August LifeLoveMarriageDivorce blog. Ask yourself…Are you happy with how things are currently going in your life? Because whatever’s happening whether it’s spiritual, personal or professional, you are subconsciously or consciously choosing it. Are you thriving and at peace with the choices you’ve made thus far? If you aren’t at peace and simply surviving instead of thriving…whatever you are not changing, you are choosing. It’s true that we are creatures of habit. Our behaviors of who we want or desire to be happens during our impressionable years, which can mold our adult experiences and choices due to vulnerability, fear or shame. For instance, if your current job or profession has a toxic and stressful work environment that requires you to work longer hours with less pay and you rationalize this mistreatment or don’t speak up for yourself and you’re miserable because you continuously miss dinner with family or miss your kids extracurricular activities…at some point you must make the change that gives you the professional respect you deserve.

If you are in a relationship but he/she is “not as verbally abusive” than the last relationship(whatever that means because abuse is abuse) as you are mistreated and unhappy…at some point you must take a look inward and ask yourself…why are you choosing to stay, especially if this person isn’t self correcting things that hurt you? Why are you continuing to allow a disruption of your peace? Why aren’t you making changes in your life that reflect what you deserve because waiting on others to change isn’t going to happen when they are content mistreating you. It’s true, change can be a tad scary but on the flip side change can be exceptionally exciting and beautiful. As you begin the month of August make an assessment of where you are in your spiritual, professional and personal life and ask yourself…Am I truly happy? Do not attribute your happiness to another individual because happiness is an inside job; your mate is supposed to compliment your happiness not being the creator of it. Your happiness is a result of your own inner peace; and if that happiness is related to how someone treats you, then on any given day they aren’t happy you will be sadly disappointed.

If there is a lack in any area of your life, you are most likely choosing what’s currently being offered. The good news is that change can occur at anytime and the time is now. You are worthy of every good and perfect gift from above because you are created in the image of God. In case you forgot to remind yourself, you are beautiful and worthy. Therefore, walk into your greatness no matter what has occurred in your life. Each experience, the great and not so great welcomes opportunities to grow in faith, as well as realize what and who caused road blocks of harm instead of help. Each opportunity awakens you to heal, forgive, establish boundaries, release regret over what was and welcome choices of change for the better just make sure you choose wisely!

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!