Permission Granted…Making Self Care & Desires a Reality!

Do you ever admire those who enjoy life to the fullest? You see social media photos of them traveling, fine dining, laughing, being in love, and enjoying life. You tell yourself…”I would love to experience this for myself” but busy schedules, family obligations, work deadlines, volunteer commitments quickly causes that magical thought to  disappear. The guilt of wanting to do something for yourself finds a way of talking you out of acting on the desires within your heart. Your thoughts convince you that self care and consistent happiness isn’t possible; the pause button turns on and personal goals & self care is delayed, once again. However, when you think about your life, remember this…no one controls your time, your wants or desires except you.

It’s important that we not only wish for our desires to occur; we must actively pursue and participate in making those desires a reality. Self care and accomplishng goals can lead you to pursuing the happiness you seek. Many of you know that becoming an author was something that I always wanted to accomplish and after years of wishing, I made a decision to just do it. I prioritized me and accomplished a deep desire. This was foreign because my norm is…”I’m going to do this today but as soon as I would decide today was the day…someone else’s need or schedule trumped my own. Servitude and putting others 1st is a wonderful thing; it’s actually a gift. But self servitude is an essential part of much needed growth and happiness. It’s not like we don’t know this already but for some of us, we feel guilty or procrastinate when when it comes to taking care of self. I made and acted on a decision that it was time for me and…”Blessings & Love Daily Devotional and Lifelovemarriagedivorce Journal” finally made it to print.

As I write this blog, I am on a plane returning home from a beautiful vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Nothing brings me greater joy than waking up to scenic mountain views and the beautiful sounds of the ocean. My Lifelovemarriagedivorce journey awakened me to the importance of actively participating in my own self care instead of actively wishing and waiting for it to happen. This wasn’t an easy decision in the beginning but I realized that I was just as important as those I take care of and I also realized that life is too short to remain in relationships that differ from the definitions of what I wanted and preferred. It was a blessed gift of permission that I gave myself..”time to actively take care of Monique.”

I highly encourage you to actively participate in self care and if you desire to do something that you have always wanted such as become an author, travel, start a business, walk in the park, or simply sneak away to the book store for an hour…do it. Prioritize and add YOU to your daily calendar. Begin to actively participate in your self care journey. Life is short and it’s up to you to decide how to live it; so decide to live it well. You are the creator of your one can make you happy because that’s an inside job. And no matter what we would like to believe…no one is obligated to make our desires a reality-that’s a self entitled position.  The moment you accept this reality, your desires will come true. As you become enlightened to this reality-you will release negative thoughts and people from interfering with the self care and desires you seek & deserve.

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!