Pain Eventually Leads To Peace

Welcome to December! As you reflect over 2019’s highs and lows, you most likely wished the lows were non-existent. However, what I have learned to be true is that the pain of the lows is necessary for peace. It would appear that the highs in life would be all the peace one needs, but in order to obtain peace, pain usually occurs first. What was the most painful experience you had this year? Was it the loss of a loved one, divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy or losing a job? The dictionary’s definition of pain is…physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. The injury of a broken heart when a relationship ends causes us to believe that the pain will never go away. However, we know that hearts do heal with time. And although, there is great discomfort during painful break-ups, it is the pain that
allows us to investigate the root cause of how the pain originally began; especially if we desire to rid ourselves of discomfort in order to find peace.

My heart suffered great pain during my divorce. The pain of accepting that my kid’s father would no longer reside in the home, the pain of wondering how was I going to take care of my kids financially, the pain of starting over but what I realized is that the pain of remaining in an unhappy, non-communicative and lack of trust union was not the definition of marriage that I wanted to live. The pain in knowing that I was living an imaged based marriage, wasn’t worth causing my heart any additional pain. I figure out the cause of why I allowed my heart to suffer because that wasn’t my ex’s job. Peace is a gift from God, so why did I allow it to be disturbed. That question was painful but it awakened me to seek answers which eventually lead to the peace, I so desperately wanted.

At some point the pain of ending a relationships should awaken us to the realization that what should have-would have been and it still can be with the right partner. Peace of mind and heart should be a priority for both parties because the peace journey creates healing, forgiveness and self love which triumphs the pain. If your heart is pained by the loss of a love one, by all means mourn and grieve as long as necessary but at some point your faith in knowing that your loved one who experienced excruciating pain and health challenges is no longer suffering. Their physical presence is a great loss but they are free from pain; and their memory will last forever. Financial pain can be the most stressful of all. The loss of a job, car or home can create mental, emotional and physical stress. However, discovering why and how you arrived in financial discomfort can be the saving grace needed to help you better manage your future finances. Sometimes our spending habits or poor business decisions can create many financial problems and unfortunately, until we’re forced to painfully deal with financial loss, we won’t. It’s possible that it may take a loss to happen in order for one to gain. Losing a job could ultimately be a blessing, as you were under payed and unappreciated but your loyalty caused you to stay until, you were forced to leave. The painful rejection of being let go, just may being what’s needed in order to peacefully have the career of your dreams.

As 2019 comes to an end and you realize what should have taken you under, simply made you stronger; be thankful for the pain because it resulted in a new found peace of mind. If you are currently walking in a season of pain, I assure you that it’s temporary and if you are seeking peace, you will find it. Just as a mother gives birth to her child…she experiences painful contractions, but the pains disappear the moment the baby is placed in her arms because the baby is her peace. You may experience some painful situations along your journey but know that pain is necessary and it always happens for a reason. That reason is to awaken, transform, enlightened and eventually lead you peace.

Until The Next Blog,

Blessings & Love