LLMD Episode 39-Special Guest, Jenn Reed shares how She Suffered in Silence for years with Anxiety and Depression. She was told you are just “Crazy” which caused her to Mask and Suppress Her Emotions. She Experienced Dark Days, Isolation and at times Didn’t Want to be Alive. Listen to How a Professional Diagnosis, Treatment and Therapy changed Her Life for the Better. She Shares Her Story to Encourage Others to Avoid Suffering in Silence and Get Help!

Special Guest, Jenn Reed sat at the mic with me in May to discuss the day she gave birth to her twins and the doctor told her that one of the twins would not survive. She also spoke about her 15 year marriage ending in divorce. However, there was more to her story to tell. She was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She made the unfortunate decision to stop taking her medication, which lead to a severe panic attack causing her to black out, fracture her nose and end up in the hospital. Listen to how she suffered in silence for years and realized that she wasn’t “crazy” as she had been told by family and friends. Once she was professionally and properly diagnosed, she shared her story with her children and began living her best life which is loving her authentic-self and no-longer hiding her condition. She shares her story and the importance of not being ashamed of getting the help you need.