LLMD Episode 40-Learning what More than an Athlete really means after her first year as a D1 Student-Athlete at the University of Oklahoma. Special Guest, Sanaá Dotson sits at the Mic to share her Story about Overcoming Adversity from Shoulder Surgery months before reporting to College. Listen to her testimony of learning what it means to be All in with God and Working Hard to get Back on the Court to play the Sport she loves.

This is Our Last Podcast in 2019. LifeLoveMarriageDivorce Podcast will return to the Mic on January 7, 2020. I am extremely proud to have my daughter, Sanaá also known as my twin; who is a student- athlete at The University of Oklahoma, where she was awarded a full scholarship to play volleyball join me at the mic to discuss why she chose The University of Oklahoma. She shares what it means to be more than an athlete and what she learned as a freshman; the pressure, the expectation, the discipline and the challenges she faced in returning to the court after shoulder surgery. She also shares the excitement she felt going to the big dance, the NCAA Volleyball Tournament as a freshman.