Is 2020 going to get any better? If You Believe…the answer is…Yes!

On January 1st many of us celebrated and professed how 2020 was going to be our best year, a new decade and all things good would be our new mindset. However, this new mindset would be challenged. We are half way through 2020 and so much has occurred…we remain in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, social justice protest and it’s a national election year. We have lost friends and loved one, joblessness has reached new heights, injustice & inequality has been exposed on a national level. However, these things are not reasons to give up hope. This is when faith over fear must be activated. This is when 2020 vision is necessary to expose and awaken us to the realities of life that are sometimes over looked or taken for granted.

July happens to be my birth month and this year I will join the fabulous 50 club, it is what I call…my year of jubilee. I had an elaborate birthday party planned and travel plans in order to celebrate this milestone birthday but God said otherwise; and instead of feeling overwhelmed about what has occurred the first 6 months of 2020, I decided to embrace and welcome the “be still and know” moments that are sometimes necessary to prepare for what’s ahead. I know many people may say but how can I be still or embrace losing my job or even worse, losing a loved one? You will always face trials and tribulations during this earthly journey; however learning to embrace your season is learning to relinquish control and being honest in saying I don’t like what’s going on but God, I am going to trust you anyways. I took a back down memory lane journey of how challenging my 40’s were…I became separated as I was turning 40. I endured a painful divorced and after 22 years of marriage I was officially divorced at 45. I had to sell my home, concerned about my finances while trying to maintain a smile raising my 4 kids. There were so many challenges and restless nights but I held on to my faith; and by God’s Grace I persevered. I admit there were many days I wondered if the light was really at the end of the tunnel but as I reflect, I know that every tear, challenge and smile when I didn’t feel like smiling was necessary. I know this because my faith increased, my passion projects and things I wanted to accomplish came in to fruition such as becoming a published author, blogger, and podcast host. These things also happened in my 40’s. I even ventured out and became a real estate agent; in addition to my yoga business and being a life coach to those in need of encouragement. My top priority job of being a mom to 4 phenomenal human beings only got better because I got better by refusing to give up hope and faith.

As you press ahead towards the final 6 months of 2020, don’t be discouraged. Why?…because if you are reading this blog, it’s a reminder that God isn’t finished with your story and although it seems like there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel…I can assure you that it is! I thought the beginning of my 40’s were pure hell but I soon realized that hell was not were my faith rested; My faith was in the promises of God and I couldn’t get to the promised triumphs if I didn’t go through the tested trials first. We have been tested through this pandemic but we are learning how to survive and work together, that’s a good thing. Long overdue conversations about injustice and inequality have resulted in change. We are learning how to adapt and implement creative work and business resolutions. We are leaning on our neighbors and slowing down to have real family time. Challenges will continue but things are happening that should give you hope. The light at the end of the tunnel does exist because God is always on the throne. I look forward to turning 50, as well as the valuable lessons 2020 will continue to teach and reveal. Be encouraged and embrace your current season. Most importantly don’t give up hope because 2020 may actually be the year you needed to awaken into your most authentic self in life, love and gaining true 2020 vision.

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!