This Is Not The Year To Get Everything You Want. This Is The Year To Appreciate Everything You Have!

Can you believe that the end of 2020 is only weeks away? Like many of you when 2019 was ending and a new decade was approaching…I thought wow, 2020 is going to be my year. It is the year I turned 50, the year I was going to try new things; the year I would travel and make a multitude of memories but those plans quickly came to a halt as the coronavirus pandemic became our new reality. The loss of so many lives, home quarantines, business and school closings occured on a daily basis. The lack of leadership and unity during a health pandemic regarding facial coverings would become a political debate and divide. Not to mention 2020 surprised us with the deaths of Kobe Bryant and Black Panther star, Chadwick Boseman; along with the passing of other well known personalities. 

One would think these events would be enough to endure but 2020 would reveal the ugly face of racism and social injustice, as lives were loss due to over zealous officers abusing their authority & power. We know that the majority of those who take the oath to protect and serve are good officers; ones we respect but unfortunately there are a minority of those who corrupt the sysytem and cause protest to arise; in which voices demand fairness and equality. If someone told you that these life altering events were happening in 2020, you would beg to differ but because you are experiencing it, you know it’s as real as it gets. The intensity of the year would continue to be an unprecedented year as the presidential election was taking place at the same time. November caused millions of people to head to the polls, as well as vote by mail. The results would give us a new President and Vice President, as the Biden/Harris ticket was victorious. However, recount after recount, accusations, unproven and dismissed cases would would occur as judges found no evidence of mass voter fraud and irregularities. 

December, the final month of the year is here and coronavirus has gotten worse; deaths and cases continue to increase daily and the current president still claims election fraud when Secretaries of State say otherwise by confirming election results in their states. 2020 will be ending in a few weeks and it most likely brings satisfaction to many, however we must remember the lessons and losses 2020 taught us because we are fortunate to be here. Therefore, acknowledge your challenges, trials & tribulations, and realize that inspite of all that has occurred there is always light that will shine in the darkness. Appreciate life and value your loved ones because life is short and extremely precious. None of us are promised tomorrow, so cherish the family dinners and game nights that caused you to become reacquainted, and most importantly continue to do it. The bicycle rides, outdoor activities and family movie night allowed great conversations, so keep doing it. Honor the memories of lives loss by living your best life while you can in unity, kindness and love. Do this by helping those in need; Support your local food banks, charities and small business owners. Continue to check on family & friends; and never stop learning, reinventing and creating new opportunities for your personal and professional growth. 2020 was not what any of us expected but if it helped you become more awakened, appreciative and accepting of others then you fully understand this is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have!

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!