“The One That Got Away”

Relationships can be quite challenging  especially if you end up with the one you settled for instead of the one you really desire. For my married readers this blog may not apply to you personally if you happened to married the love of your life. But it can be useful to share with others who may be starting over or those you know settled in relationships that lacks peace and happiness causing one to reminisce about “the one that got away.” I spoke to a friend who reconnected with the “one that got away” after her divorce. The two friends had a special bond but life lead them in different directions. However, they were blessed to have a second chance at love. This story caused me think about those who aren’t as fortunate and missed out on real love experiences thinking about  “the one that got away.” As a true hopeless romantic, my friend’s story bought joy to my heart because there nothing better than a good love story. So, is there anyone in your heart you believe got away?  If so, how does it make you feel? Do you feel you’ve settled in relationships hoping to find that kind of love again? Has your LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey allowed your paths to cross with the one or have you found the one who connects spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and communicates to your authentic heart? Because life is simply too short to allow real love opportunities to pass you by.

Sometimes we settle into relationships with the thought of it will get better or I will change him/her with persuasive, controlling, manipulative tactics. Please know that’s not real love! Any relationship that is based upon…” I need them to make me happy.”-isn’t going to work. That’s called willing your way or simply being selfish. If you are this person who likes to remind or find yourself being reminded with comments of… “Remember what I did for you?” “ I sacrificed everything  for you.” Remember when you didn’t have any money?” “Remember when I forgave you?” “What will everyone think if this doesn’t workout?” Or if you’re constantly blamed for everything …ask yourself does any of this define the real love you seek? And just because things look “good” externally on paper doesn’t mean it’s good for you internally. That may have been an “Ah-hah moment of awakening for someone. One thing, I know to be true is that the heart always knows what it wants and who’s best for it. So, Monique are you saying give up and leave my current relationship and find the one “that got away?” No, that’s not for me to say because only you know your reality. However, if your thoughts went there…that may be a reality check that things in your relationship may not be as happy or pleasant as you make it out to be. 

What I do hope to accomplish is to help you recognize, find, and awaken to your true authenticity so that both relational parties aren’t misleading or misguiding the other by extending invitations to share life with someone who isn’t the one. We can lessen a lot of heartache and stop wasting one another’s time when we are truthful regarding the concerns of our heart. Physical  connectivity will only last for so long, especially if your relationship lacks in all the other areas of connectivity. Avoid over staying  your welcome by being a silent partner and face your truth because you never know if the universe is waiting to connect  you to the one that got away or introduce you to the one who is supposed to share and travel your LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey with you. 

Until The Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!