New Year Resolutions…Action Required!

How many times have you made New Year resolutions and promises to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, travel, read more or whatever you wanted to do that improves your overall wellbeing? I am sure we can all raise our hand on that one. The guilt or shame we place on ourselves for verbally confessing our resolutions to self & others and the lack of follow through may cause sadness and/or frustration. If you told yourself that this is the year that you will value your own self worth by leaving a toxic relationship because you finally realize that it’s causing more pain than heartfelt love; you alone can only release yourself from self inflicting pain by refusing to put someone else’s needs before your own. I’m sure many of us can agree that we have experienced a not so positive love relationship a time or two but here’s the thing a New Year’s resolution can’t create that change…that’s an inside job. How many times has someone told you how much they loved you but their actions proved otherwise? You realize that words are simply words and the action behind the words is what counts; well that same rule applies when making yearly or daily resolutions…without any action nothing happens.

Here’s an idea…Action Required! It’s time
to make those improvements in your life happen! If you want to read a book…go to Barnes & Noble today, download Kindle or listen to the audio version right now. There are so many ways to accomplish an intention without the pressure of the deadlines and expectations you place on yourself. It’s perfectly fine and a good idea to set goals, resolutions or promises to self but it’s up to you to apply the action to that intention and if you find yourself taking a detour…it’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up and don’t give up…Simply start over by doing something at the very moment you realize that you aren’t applying action to your goal because when you do…you create a new habit of doing and you will soon realize that there’s nothing you can’t do when you apply action to the intention. So, if you want to travel make the reservation today…purchase travel’s insurance if needed. Your goal becomes accomplished because you applied action to the thought. If you want to add an exercise regiment to your schedule, simply be realistic about your time restraints and begin with a 10 minute walk or if you are watching TV commit to doing 20 jumping jacks or push-ups during a commercial break; the goal is to do something the moment it crosses your mind. The moral to the motivation is what Nike says…”Just Do It” or my suggestion of just do something now!

Improvements in our lives will only occur if we are the change/action agents in our own lives. For instance, if you are with a partner who betrays you or makes you feel less than who you know yourself to be in a relationship…remember he or she can’t make you feel less than who you are if you don’t allow it. You must be the one to recognize your own self worth instead of waiting on someone else to validate you because that day may never come; and here’s the thing it’s okay if it doesn’t. No one has to live up to your expectations, that person has a right to feel the way they feel…it’s simply up to you to know that their way is not your way. If it doesn’t align with your intentions then move on and most importantly, don’t beat yourself up by feeling like you wasted your time because not all assignments or relationships are meant to last forever; especially if the relationship isn’t a good one. If you learned something about yourself during the journey…like what you do or don’t want…then High Five the person on your way out of the door as you head to the airport because you booked a trip for yourself several weeks ago!😊 It’s a New Year and New Blessings, New Self Awareness and New Awakenings of unlimited opportunities & possibilities but you must apply action to those resolutions, goals or promises you made not only for the new year but each morning you are blessed to see another day. Resolutions are Set…Now Action is Required!

Until The Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!