LLMD Episode 31-Special Guest, Camille Davis-Towner continues her testimony about losing her Twins, losing her Grandfather, and entering a Dark place that She had never Experienced before in Part 2, Where Are You God?

Part 2, Where Are You God? Special Guest, Camille Davis-Towner questioned her faith and wondered exactly where was God when she went into premature labor and her doctor told her that she had to save her life or she would die, which meant her twin babies would not survive. She also wondered where was God when her Beloved Grandfather, the man who raised her would die within months after her twins. She was mad at God and entered a dark place. Although, she thought God left her, He never did and you’ll never believe what He did and where He had to go to lead Camille out of the dark place in to the light. Prepare to be inspired and amazed at her remarkable testimony.