Knowing What You Deserve and Being With The One

Sometimes,  I see great quotes on social media and this one by Jm Storm caught my attention for many reasons. Number one, I am older and know that my LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey has opened my eyes to an understanding and awakening of what I truly want & deserve. Experience and maturation has also awakened me to valuing my worth, my time and no longer settling for or pleasing others for the sake of being accepted at the cost of sacrificing self or being unappreciated. What being older or as I like to define it, being wiser has established in my life is the importance of genuinely knowing what and who brings me joy. Notice that I didn’t say those who make me happy because being happy is an inside job that only we can personally achieve.

As you travel your LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey you will become wiser and understand that who you choose to share life with doesn’t need an explanation or the opinion of others. Why?…because being wiser is about what works best for you, as well as you knowing what works for others and respecting their choices. Those who are humble in knowing what they deserve are on a different frequency level than the egotistical and selfish pursuit of those who harm or hurt others for personal pleasure, as we have either been affected by or trying to avoid them. But for those of us who have reached a place in our life where guilt or image perception is no longer apart of sacrificing self to please others is a welcomed awakening to finally knowing and receiving what you deserve; and as Jm Storm suggests knowing that life isn’t just about being with someone, it’s about being with the One.

There are great blessings in getting older/wiser because if you are like me, peace becomes the one thing you prioritize and no longer negotiate or allow others to disrupt. This isn’t a negative thing it’s simply understanding what you deserve and being with one who shares the same belief.  There really is no greater blessing than God allowing you to live long enough to experience life so that when you do awaken, you’ll authentically understand and know what you want.  So here’s to being older/wiser;  you only live once and you deserve joy, peace, and happiness within as well as with, the One! 

Blessings & Love,

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