April Fool’s Day or April Blessing!

Today is April 1st! A new month and the day many excitedly celebrate April Fool’s Day by playing funny jokes on one another in order to get to laugh. As I think about this day of jokes and fun, I also think about the days where foolish decisions were made in love, material possessions, attention, ego and pride; and although unintentional and intentional jokes may occur throughout our journey that may hurt or harm, we can excitedly look forward to tomorrow April 2nd, which is Good Friday; and even better than that we can get extremely excited about Sunday April 4th, Easter/Resurrection Sunday. These two momentous occasions are hardly a joke. It is a sacred time Christians prepare to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a reminder that we may laugh or be laughed at on April Fool’s day and days to follow but the realization of the crucifixion of Christ caused laughter to pause as…”It should have been me crosses the mind.” Jesus Christ took our place of sin, shame, condemnation and jokes made about all of us to cross. Although laughter may turn remorseful, the good news is that joy would return on the 3rd day because Christ would rise again. If you have ever been condemned, criticized, ostracized or laughed at in a negative way…there is One who will not condemn nor will He laugh, One who will not fail nor forsake, One who will not criticize nor ostracize. He simply invites you to the table with open arms. His sacrifice is a reminder that you’re unconditionally loved, worthy and forgiven. He is the King of Kings, the Lamb and Son of God; He is Jesus Christ and this 1st Sunday in April 2021, reminds us that those who dare to believe in Christ aren’t foolish because He gives abundant, life changing eternal life. That’s not a joke; it’s reality. Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday and may the month of April be a blessed one for all!

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!