What’s Going On?

The month of May has been one of great loss and pain due to mass shootings in Buffalo, NY and Ulvade, Texas. As we begin the month of June, another deadly mass shooting happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I beg to ask the question…What’s going on in our society that this has become an unfortunate norm? Prayers and condolences are simply not enough as families are faced to bury their loved ones sooner than expected. Although, we may never understand why some people believe taking the lives of others is an acceptable solution, we must find solutions to mitigate these awful offenses. We must not only remain faithful but allow our voices to be boldly heard in who we select as representatives to find solutions in laws that can possibly reduce the attacks on innocent lives. Something has to give when 233 mass shootings have occurred this year and the 20th since those 19 precious children and 2 teachers lives were taken in Ulvade, Texas on May 24th.

We have become accustomed to seeing another presidential address regarding mass shootings and we will watch the president visit the suffering community; We will see representatives talk about change but talks fail and nothing happens. Political pundits will share opinions that create division instead of using their platforms to find ways to respect our differences but ultimately find ways that unify us in working together. However, television ratings have become their main concern. What’s going on”…when those who may be mentally ill can exercise their rights to purchase firearms meant to destroy others without background checks or those who are just plain evil can acquire weapons that put others in danger. The popular song by Marvin Gaye that asks the question…”What’s Going On?”comes to mind. If these attacks happened to your loved ones what would you want to occur?

As Christians we are instructed to love our neighbors and to apply the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated? As these tragedies become more frequent are we doing what we can regarding the lives and wellbeing of others outside of the people we know personally? Are we asking ourselves…What’s going on with Us? Are we ignoring signs that are meant to cause us to yell at the top of our lungs? Are we missing opportunities to say…”Hey something isn’t right” with him/her having access to guns at a young age or dealing with mental challenges. Are we too busy to stop what we are doing and say something isn’t right as we continue to vote for representatives who have simply become normal fixtures in politics, those who were elected because they served a purpose but now it’s all about the purpose of power. It’s up to us to ask what’s going on? It’s also up to us to make sure we do what’s necessary to make life safe for our children and communities.

I will continue to pray, write and do things that bring awareness to encourage and hopefully lessen the pain of loss. However, I ask you to keep me in your prayers as I wrote a blog 11 months ago regarding the loss of our furry family member, Lambeau. Unfortunately, my family loss another furry family member on Monday, May 30th. My heart continues to ache for our beloved, Zen because it’s always hard saying goodbye to those we love. Loss is hard, so keep everyone you know uplifted, as well as those you may not know. Loss, pain and death is apart of our life journey but the things that cause us to say what’s going on regarding the unnecessary loss of life due to mass shootings is something we can work on finding solutions, together!

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!