What Do You Do When Tragic Events Occur?

We are only 3 months in to 2021 and the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol occurred; in which lives were loss and people were hurt. We’re still dealing with the Covid pandemic, in which we have exceeded 500,000 plus deaths in the United States. A couple of weeks ago the state of Texas had a winter freeze, in which lives were loss due to its electrical grid power failure . The loss of power and heat lasted for days, in which some people died due to the freezing temperatures in and outside of their homes. Water pressure was extremely low to no water at all. A scarcity for food in grocery stores and restaurants reemerged as if Hurricane Harvey returned. The unfortunate thing is that many people continue to suffer due to food insecurity and property damage which increased additional financial burdens. Many people may feel like that they can’t get a break or that when they get over one challenge here comes something else. I definitely understand that mentality as other tragedies may have occurred, like an unexpected death of a loved one, a divorce or a serious health issue. So what do you do when tragic events occur? Many times your reaction is to cry, deny, become angry or depressed about the tragic challenges endured. This is the real, raw and necessary part of the healing process. However, you can’t allow those feelings to remain too long because they can overtake your life. It’s okay to grieve and feel frustrated but you must also find gratitude and remember the previous tragedies you survived and overcame. Those unfortunate life events caused you to build faith, confidence, perseverance and the will to fight through adversity; if not for yourself definitely for your kids and loved ones.

The tragic events in your life will remind you that you aren’t equipped to handle things in your own understanding or strength. A supernatural presence is required and when you learn to lean on, call on and trust God, you will realize that you can overcome all things because with God all things are possible. You will definitely remain frustrated, angry, sad or mad if you choose to work through tragic events alone, so don’t because you aren’t alone. Seek and invite God into your heart to help you navigate through those tragic events, along with a positive support system. Tragic events won’t disappear from your life, memory nor your heart but time and God’s strength will allow you to heal, find peace and become triumphant over the tragedy you once endured. Your testimony will become a beautiful part of your LifeLoveMarriageDivorce journey to share, encourage and inspire others. The tears, bumps and bruises will prove that the pain wasn’t all in vain. Eventually, it will make you wiser and stronger in your faith and you can tell people that when Tragic Events Occur…you keep pushing through and trust God! 

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!