We Ended Because of The Other Woman/Man…Actually, Maybe Not!

Each of us has most likely experienced an emotional shift in a relationship that resulted in a breakup. When this happens the human mind tries to figure out why and form the most logical explanation, it’s because of ”the other “woman/man.” But what I know to be true is a single person can’t break up a solid relationship. Yes, it’s true a partner can become attracted to another person but if you are blaming the “other”woman/man for the demise of a relationship, you will soon awaken and acknowledge that wasn’t the sole reason for the fall. When you find the love of your life, the one who you’re connected to mind-body & soul, no one can pull you away from that person or union. Real love relationships are raw, respectful, and reciprocated; and if there’s “another anything” it’s most likely poor communication, inconsistent connectivity, inauthenticity, or fear; And when fear is rooted in a relationship (professional or personal) it will not be successful.

The fear of hurting one’s feelings, being judged/criticized,  different opinions, opposite likes, wants, & needs will suppress the authentic voice but when a person gets TIRED of being quiet, controlled, manipulated, or  taken advantage of with an unequally yoked partner, they realize their environment must change. The environment that most of us seek is an environment of peace and authenticity. However this environmental change begins within; not solely or because of the of the other woman or man. Self awareness and authenticity can only be articulated and communicated by the one who seeks it.

We may chose to remain in relationships for the kids, professional reasons, or fearing the opinions of others but holding on to a title that displays togetherness for 30 years but living in discord for 29 is inauthentic as it gets. When you awaken, you’ll understand that another woman/man, wasn’t the problem and if the relationship ends, it’s not the end of the world…it may happen to be the beginning of the life you always wanted and the person you blamed for the ruin of your relationship may be the one needed to awaken you from settling and long suffering. Your Lifelovemarriagedivorce journey is designed to help you reach your highest good and welcome the right partner to share it with you, authentically.

Until The Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!