The Ability to Say….“I am Not Ok” is Strength & Self Care!

It’s amazing how often we say we’re fine when we’re not. The norm of pushing through tough times mentality, emotionally or physically is just what we do, even when we may be falling apart from the loss of loved ones, negative or abusive relationships-be it professional or personal, financial instability, depression, divorce or whatever challenges come our way. The saying of…”I don’t want anyone to know my business” or the guilt felt for “complaining to God” because we feel others may be facing more difficult situations than our own can cause us to suppress our feelings instead of simply realizing we’re telling God how we feel. God already knows our struggles so there is no reason to feel like we’re complaining. Remember, whatever we are going through is important to God because He welcomes a relationship with us. He also put people in our lives to offer support when troubling times occur and the ability to know when to say “I am having a hard time” or “I am not okay” is called STRENGTH! It may not be easy to share our struggles but it’s necessary for over all self care. The support received from those who truly care is crucial for mental and emotional wellness. It’s also important to know who and where to find a safe, strong support system. Be advised that the social media critics or those who judge people in the most negative way are not the ones to turn to when focusing on positive self care. Surround yourself with people who love you no matter what, those who get excited to see you soar and do well.

One of the reasons I created LifeLoveMarriageDivorce blog and podcast was to offer support & encouragement; and to remind people that they are not alone in their struggles because we are all dealing with something. It’s important to find support and to keep pushing through the hard stuff because in due time the reason of “why” will eventually be revealed regarding the challenges endured. I can happily testify that the awakening, peace and freedom you will receive from the struggle will make sense and be worth it in the end. You will appreciate the why, in addition to the blessings God has in store for you. In life you will face difficult situations and sometimes things won’t turn out as planned but that’s perfectly okay because the journey is necessary to help you grow, connect and encourage others. One of the greatest gifts regarding self care is learning to say “I am not okay” when you aren’t but also knowing that you will be okay as seasons, lessons and experiences are necessary for personal testimony. So, when you aren’t okay about the challenges occurring in your life, don’t suppress it-share it with people who provide safety and support because your self care is important.

Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!