New Beginnings in the Month of March!

It’s March and Spring is in the air. It’s the month where winter disappears, flowers bloom and spring cleaning begins. March is a great month for new beginnings; however many of us can admit that our daily routines have caused us to become complacent; in which we deny or suppress new things our heart always wanted to accomplish. How many times have you thought about starting a new business but talk yourself out of it before it begins? How many times have you gotten to steps 3 or 4 of your new business plan but procrastination took priority and you failed to reach number 10, the final step of your plan? It’s possible that you opened your new business but it didn’t produce the results you envisioned and had to close; but you felt like you failed and pledged never to try entrepreneurship again but what you failed to realize is that you achieved great success by accomplishing a goal. However, you allowed your frustration cause you to dismiss all that you learned and the valuable experience gained from your business venture that would only lead to greater future success; but unfortunately you shut down.

Let March be your new beginnings month and do the things your heart wants and desires to do. I had an interest in real estate and like many of you, I had experience in real estate as a homeowner but I wanted to know more about the real estate industry; so I started something new and became a real estate agent. 19 years ago, I joined a yoga class to get myself in shape after the birth of my 3rd child. I remember seeing this new workout trend and decided to join a class. One day the instructor informed the class that he was going to teach a yoga teacher certification class and because I fell in love with my new yoga practice; I decided to take the class to learn more about yoga but I had no intentions to teach. However, in 2005 the decision to try something new inspired me start my own yoga business called YogaGirl.

It’s possible that fear has crept in to your mind about doing something new but what you should fear is not allowing new possibilities to happen in your life. You are deserving of new and wonderful blessings but you will need to take that first new step. If you have been reluctant to get the new haircut…give yourself permission to do it. If you want to travel to a new city or country…book the trip now! If you have been holding your heart hostage because of a relationship gone bad…give yourself permission to open your heart to new love! You are more than deserving of having someone love you the right way for all of the right reasons. Life is precious and time waits for no one, therefore take advantage of new blessings, new opportunities and new beginnings!

Until The Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!