Love Story, The One Who Makes Life Come To Life

Once you experience a breakup, you experience many emotions. You’re heartbroken, in shock, sad, mad, fearful, shameful, feel like you failed, you place blame, etc.. and this roller coaster of emotions may seek permanent residence in your thoughts if you allow it. However, when you get tired of living in a place of sadness, guilt, and anger, you will awaken, reflect, and begin putting the pieces to the puzzle together and you will soon realize that there was a reason that one piece never fits in to the puzzle. You realize that no matter how many times you forced it or rearrange the puzzle, that odd or missing piece existed for a reason. What you may have thought of as failure was never failure at all because in order to find success in life & love, one must awaken to their reality. Most relationships are ones we have defined in our mind instead of our heart. You realize that the love story you conjured in your mind had pieces that worked but was incomplete and no matter how good it looked on paper, there was always a missing piece. Your newly awakened state to reality informs you that you accepted or remained in denial about this one piece that was never meant to fit in to place. Note to self…”your soul & heart will never lie to you, as it is your true awakening to the reality you seek” and your soul will never rest, stop wondering, or searching for the one it is truly meant to love.

One of the great gifts I was awarded from my divorce was this honest awakening of my own reality. This awakening is why I blog and have been blessed to speak to countless people who seek advice or allow my opinion to help them acknowledge their own reality. I spoke with a friend about a past relationship that never resulted in the completion of her love story. No matter how she hoped, prayed, pleaded, cried, the reality was that it just wasn’t meant to be until her soul found the one whom it was designed to love. It is a wonderful thing when God listens to our heart, as He alone knows exactly who is destined to be our soulmate compared to what our thoughts suggest or settle for. He will allow us to experience life as we chose but He will also intervene or delay what we think we want in order to give us who our soul needs, deserves, & desires.

The month of June is a popular month for weddings and it’s why I decided to blog about the importance of finding your soulmate, the one who makes life come to life, the one you should be with and living your true love story. LLMD readers if you have experienced a recent breakup, divorce, or trying to force pieces to a love puzzle that is just not meant to be, free yourself from guilt, fear, or shame of what could have been or what “failed” because you can’t get what you desire or deserve by ignoring your reality. The reality is that those “failed” relationships aren’t failures, they were needed to enlighten you to what love isn’t to what love is! Love isn’t a lack of communication, settling, control, guilt, fear, pride, or ego. Love doesn’t disrespect you or restrict your heart; it is unconditional, it moves your soul, it’s joyful, it’s life and all of the pieces to the puzzle fit. Your soulmate is the completion and continuation of your never-ending love story.

Until the next Blog,

Blessings & Love!