LLMD Episode 44-Special Guest, Sargent Trinity Delafance shares His Powerful Testimony of Finding Out His Mother was Schizophrenic; and the Trauma He Felt in Being the One who found Her Deceased Decomposed Body upon Returning Home from a Funeral.

Sargent Trinity Delafance shares his story of his mother only being 15 years old when she gave birth to him. The odds were against them as she was told to abort him but she refused. They would eventually leave Louisiana for Texas. Years later Trinity’s life would change forever when he was called to the hospital and found out that his mom was schizophrenic. Her mental health would be one of the greatest challenges he would ever face but unfortunately, his life would experience an even greater challenge the day he found his mother’s deceased decomposed body in a chair. You will be amazed at his testimony of loss but even more amazed at the strength he found to live in spite of the pain.