Life Is Precious…So Make Sure To Be Present In It!

Life is precious and because it is so valuable and precious, we shouldn’t take it for granted. If we take a moment to reflect over our lives, we can admit that life’s participation consists of the completion of our daily task. However, the majority of the time we aren’t fully awaken or present. For many of us, it takes a life changing event of trauma, pain or loss to bring us to an awaken state of appreciation that we are blessed to be alive. There are so many blessings that we may have missed along the way because we’re racing through life to get to the next best thing. Yes, life moves fast and we must keep up with the pace but let’s not forget that these moments are supposed to bring an awareness to participate in being present in every single precious moment. Let the month of April be a reminder to not only stop and smell the roses but to be fully present when doing so.

When you are at your child’s sporting event pay close attention to how much fun they are having with their teammates. Acknowledge how much they have grown in the sport. Tell them what you enjoyed most and that you enjoy watching them play. Take time to not only hear the voice of the person speaking to you but look into their eyes and hear what they are saying as you engage in dialogue. Let them know that you are interested in what they are contributing to the conversation. The fact that life is so precious make sure that you don’t settle for anything that doesn’t bring you peace & joy; and remember that self care is an important part of being present in life.

Most importantly, appreciate every moment that you have to spend with the people God put in your life, those you love and call family. Be present in every single moment with them because tomorrow, nor is today promised to any of us. Therefore, let your love be intentional; laugh a lot, be happy and fully present in each day & moment that you open your eyes because it’s a blessing and privilege to be alive & present.

Blessings & Love,

Until the Next Blog!