After The Storm

Catastrophic natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, & fires can take us by surprise as it disrupts & destroys lives and homes. The disappointment of returning to homes that once provided safety & memories are no longer apparent to the visible eye as it bears witness to what was to the aftermath of what now. The feelings of loss and disbelief from natural disasters can also be correlated to how one may feel regarding marriage or relationship storms. The memories of what you once had or what could have been is catastrophic in thought and just like a natural disaster-you feel depleted, overwhelmed, lost and wonder if you will ever return to some place of normalcy as your heart, soul, & spirit causes you to feel as if you are having an outer body experience.


What I know to be true is that unexpected life altering events will always occur. What I know to be true is that these events are devastating but are sometimes necessary as it only increases our faith & trust in God. What I also know to be true is that what looks like a devastating life changing event is not complete devastation; it’s actually a life altering development. If you take a moment to recall a “devastating” event in your life-the one that looked as if the sun was never going to shine-you now realize that storm was needed to develop a new beginning or a much needed awakening to liberate you from judgement, regret, fear, guilt, or shame.  I have weathered some storms along my Lifelovemarriagedivorce journey. I can admit that I experienced emotional heartache & disappointment during the “storm” but I also developed great faith, strength, peace, and wisdom. I am proud to say that the storm wasn’t about the other person it was about me-as it freed me to become who I am today and for that I am forever grateful and blessed! Whatever storm you may currently face be it, natural disasters, professional challenges, or the end of a relationship-understand that it’s temporary and it will only direct you to the life that you truly desire & deserve. God is on your side in the good but He is especially with you in the not so good.

As a resident of Houston Texas, Hurricane Harvey was an unprecedented disaster but it also developed in to unprecedented acts of kindness, benevolence, and love. Your present storm may look like dooms day but if you are still standing-it’s a reminder that God isn’t finished with you yet. Your storm may be an awakening to the reality and truth you have been seeking shelter from. And maybe, just maybe the relationship storm was needed to move you from a place of complacency, convenience, or control to a place of unconditional love and cohesiveness with a mate that you dream, pray, and have asked God to provide.

Hurricane Harvey along with other natural disasters are a constant reminder that life is short and if we desire to live a fulfilled life-we must do our work in diminishing the storms that are within our control. In my opinion relationships aren’t hard but when a person can’t be their true self-I mean the raw self-not the representative-they allowed you to meet, it’s possible that a storm may occur. If you feel inhibited to share your authentic self and thoughts..that’s a storm of a problem. If you feel obligatory love towards your mate but you are not truly in love-you may weather a storm as the heart is your measurement of truth. You can probably fool people with your words but you can’t fool your own heart. If you are afraid of being ridiculed when sharing your truth-you become a prisoner of fear and expectations; which is opposite of an authentic and true heart. Don’t allow the storm to devastate you for long because the purpose of the storm is to strengthen, develop, awaken, and enlighten you to reach your highest good in life and love!


Until the Next Blog,

Blessings & Love!